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Group Fitness Classes at The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing

Group Fitness Classes at The Ackerly at Reed's Crossing

Alissa Sauer

The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing knows that joy isn’t just for the young; it’s for the young at heart. We offer a range of amenities and services that help older adults find joy and discover delight in the everyday. One of our more popular amenities is our group fitness classes. Led by our PrimeFit instructor, we focus on building strength and endurance while also improving balance – all of which reduce the risk of falls and illness. 

Learn more about the benefits of group fitness classes for seniors and join The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing for their next class!

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes 

No matter your age, staying physically active is crucial to maintaining good health and overall well-being. Group fitness classes designed specifically for older adults offer numerous benefits that extend beyond physical health. Here are some benefits of group fitness classes for seniors: 

Social Connection

One of the most significant advantages of group fitness classes for seniors is the opportunity to connect with others. Group fitness classes provide a friendly and supportive environment where seniors can interact, make friends, and build community. These classes foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie that supports mental and emotional health.

Improved Physical Health

Participating in group fitness classes is an effective way for seniors to maintain and improve their physical health. These classes are tailored to the specific needs and abilities of older adults, taking into account any limitations or health concerns. Regular exercise helps increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, enhance balance, and boost cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Seniors who attend group fitness classes often experience increased energy, improved mobility, and better overall health.

Mental Stimulation

Physical activity doesn’t just benefit the body; it’s also crucial for mental health. Engaging in group fitness classes keeps seniors mentally sharp. Learning new exercises and routines, following instructions from the instructor, and coordinating movements all stimulate cognitive function. Additionally, the social interaction in these classes provides opportunities for mental engagement and can help reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Motivation and Accountability

Consistency is vital in exercise, and group fitness classes provide a built-in support system. Seniors often find it easier to stay motivated and committed when they know they have a class to attend and a group of peers who expect to see them. The camaraderie and encouragement from fellow participants and instructors can be a powerful source of motivation, helping residents stick to their fitness routines.

Fun and Enjoyment

Group fitness classes for seniors are designed to be enjoyable. The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing offers a variety of activities and can be modified for a range of abilities, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The fun and social aspect of these classes can turn exercise from a chore into a pleasurable experience. When seniors enjoy their workouts, they are more likely to stay active and maintain a consistent fitness regimen.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a common issue for people of all ages, but seniors often face unique stressors related to health concerns, loss of loved ones, or retirement. Regular exercise, especially in a supportive group setting, can be an excellent stress reliever. The release of endorphins during physical activity can improve mood and reduce anxiety, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

PrimeFit at The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing

The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing offers signature programming exclusive to Leisure Care communities. PrimeFit Wellness takes wellness out of the fitness center and puts it in every aspect of community life. By focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, and communal health of residents, The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing independent living, assisted living, and memory care services foster an environment that encourages well-being and proactive wellness. Whether it’s in the kitchen, where our chef crafts seasonal menus to turn dining into a social event, or in our fitness programs led by PrimeFit instructors, or through engaging activities that empower residents to rediscover passions and explore new interests, The Ackerly brings well-being and living well to life.

At The Ackerly, movement, social engagement, and personal growth are all part of the daily experience. Fitness classes, personal training sessions, and participation in local events like 5ks and walkathons keep residents physically active and mentally engaged. Our group fitness classes for seniors offer a multitude of benefits that go beyond physical health. These classes provide opportunities for social interaction, improved mental health, motivation, and, most importantly, a fun and enjoyable way to stay active. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your overall quality of life or a caregiver seeking activities for your loved one, group fitness classes for seniors are a valuable resource. Contact The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing today to drop in for our one of our classes and tour our community! 


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