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Celebrating Crystal Hennessy’s Impact at Van Mall


Alissa Sauer

Van Mall in Vancouver, WA, is more than a place for older adults to call home; it’s a community in every sense of the word. Van Mall celebrates all of our tenured and experienced staff.

This November, we will celebrate Crystal Hennessy’s 30 years of remarkable service to the Van Mall community. As our Business Office Manager, Crystal is a pillar of Van Mall. Learn more about her employment, impact, and contributions to Van Mall, and mark your calendars for Monday, November 13, as we celebrate her and all she has done for us!

Celebrating Three Decades of Service to the Van Mall Retirement Community

Crystal HennessyFor 30 years, Crystal Hennessy has been the cornerstone of Van Mall Retirement. As our Business Officer Manager, she’s donned many hats and fulfilled countless roles. She’s our go-to person for almost everything – our HR expert, our reservoir of wisdom, and the one you can always rely on for answers as she tirelessly serves our independent living and assisted living residents.

Crystal’s contributions to Van Mall go well beyond her job description. She has hosted countless tea parties, created mouthwatering meals and desserts for our events, and, most impressively, embroidered a personalized blanket for every resident who has ever lived here.

“Crystal embodies what it means to do the right thing. Whether it is feeding the homeless on her weekend, embroidering personalized utility bags for the Health & Wellness staff, or helping a new employee set up their first Doctor’s appointment, she has always made time to help someone else in need. Van Mall would not be the place that it is today without Crystal!” – Danny Proudfoot

Leaving Her Mark at Van Mall and Beyond

Over the years, Crystal has demonstrated unparalleled resilience. She’s led us through the trials of state surveys and even the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic. Her ability to keep us grounded and motivated, even during the toughest times, is truly commendable.

“Crystal has been a guiding light for employees since she started. Her kind and generous nature make her an asset to the company and the perfect HR manager for our staff. Her patience with residents, families, and vendors is incredibly helpful in keeping the business side of Van Mall running smoothly. Leisure Care and everyone Crystal has impacted is incredibly lucky to have her in our lives!” – Katie Smith, General Manager

But Crystal’s compassion and service extend beyond the walls of Van Mall. Every weekend, come rain or shine, she dedicates her time and resources to feeding the homeless. Crystal prepares over 60 meals with her own hands, using her own money to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Her selflessness and commitment to the community serve as an inspiration to us all.

Join Us in Celebrating Crystal’s 30 Years of Service

There’s no question that Crystal’s 30 years of outstanding service deserve a grand celebration! Please save the date for Monday, November 13th, from 2 PM to 5 PM. There will be a special ceremony at 2:30 PM, where we’ll honor her remarkable career. We hope you can join us as we come together to celebrate Crystal, a shining example of what it means to serve with a whole heart. Stop by for a tour or a meal and see what it’s like to live at Van Mall where retirement is reimagined and delight is delivered in the every day!

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