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Winter Wellness: The Benefits of Senior Living in Winter

Winter Wellness in Senior Living

Alissa Sauer

For many, winter is a time of hibernation – cozy nights around the fire, reading under blankets, staying inside, and staying warm. While there is certainly a season for cozy relaxation, winter means increased isolation and decreased movement for many older adults. But, for residents at The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing, winter is a season of joy. Here’s how our residents are staying active through the winter. 

Discover Year-Round Health through PrimeFit Wellness

There’s no question that senior living is a convenient place to live during the winter. Physical benefits like snow removal, backup generators, and emergency support are just a few of the benefits of senior living in the winter. Those benefits are essential and can be vital to survival. However, often overlooked but just as important benefits include the mental and social aspects of community life in an otherwise isolating time.

As a Leisure Care community, The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing offers PrimeFit Wellness, an exclusive signature program that expands wellness beyond the walls of the gym and into every aspect of life. Residents in independent living, assisted living, and memory care all have access to wellness that meets them where they are. Through PrimeFit Wellness, we practice well-being and champion proactive wellness by meeting the social, physical, mental, emotional, and communal health of residents. So, what does that look like in the winter?

We’re glad you asked!

Social Wellness in Senior Living

Social wellness plays a key role in maintaining mental and emotional well-being. WInter’s colder weather and shorter days can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, making social engagement crucial for residents’ overall happiness.

We create opportunities for social interaction, such as themed gatherings, to significantly impact residents’ sense of belonging. Winter-themed events include,

  • Cozy community movie nights with hot cocoa
  • Knitting circles
  • Holiday crafts
  • Indoor exercise classes
  • Community meal times
  • Themed dinners
  • Educational classes

By prioritizing social wellness in winter, we create environments where residents can build meaningful connections, share stories, and combat any feelings of seasonal blues through a supportive and vibrant community.

Physical Wellness in Senior Living

Colder temperatures and inclement weather pose challenges to staying active. Maintaining regular physical activity is crucial for promoting joint flexibility, preventing stiffness, and enhancing overall mobility, contributing to residents’ physical well-being.

To encourage our residents to stay physically active in the winter, we organize a February Fitness Frenzy that raises money for local philanthropic organizations through active minutes. To reach their fundraising goal, residents participate in community activities, such as

  • Indoor exercise classes
  • Seated yoga
  • Gentle stretching sessions
  • Low-impact aerobics
  • Indoor obstacle courses
  • Seated volleyball
  • Nature strolls (weather permitting)

These activities support cardiovascular health and provide a social aspect, fostering a sense of community as residents come together to engage in fitness routines. By prioritizing physical wellness in winter, senior living communities empower residents to maintain their vitality and independence, promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Mental Wellness in Senior Living

Shorter days and colder weather can negatively impact mood and overall well-being. Creating a supportive environment that prioritizes mental health is essential.

To combat seasonal depression and social isolation, we organize activities that stimulate cognitive function, such as

  • Brain games
  • Puzzles
  • Book clubs
  • Themed events and celebrations centered around the winter season
  • Wellness workshops focusing on mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Virtual visits from mental health professionals
  • Indoor gardening
  • Art classes, like painting or crafting

By nurturing mental wellness during the winter, we help residents maintain cognitive vitality and emotional balance, ensuring a holistic approach to overall well-being.

Emotional Wellness in Senior Living

Emotional wellness takes center stage in senior living during the winter, as the season can evoke a range of feelings from nostalgia to a sense of isolation. Creating an environment supporting emotional well-being is vital for residents’ happiness.

To do this, we organize events that foster connection and celebration, such as

  • Winter-themed parties
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Virtual family reunions
  • Peer support groups
  • Art classes
  • Book club

By prioritizing emotional wellness during the winter, senior living communities create environments that uplift spirits, foster connection, and ensure residents feel supported on their emotional journey.

Communal Wellness in Senior Living

Communal wellness in senior living during the winter is pivotal for fostering a vibrant and supportive living environment. The colder months can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation, emphasizing the need for strong community bonds.

We organize group activities, such as

  • Winter-themed social events
  • Communal dining experiences
  • Collaborative projects like creating decorations for the common areas
  • Group fitness classes and wellness programs
  • Open communication channels through the MyLeisureCare app
  • Resident-led committees
  • Food drives for local food pantries
  • Transportation to local events

By placing a premium on communal wellness during the winter, senior living communities cultivate an atmosphere where residents feel connected, supported, and part of a warm and engaging collective.

Winter at The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing is not just a season of rest; it’s a season of joy, activity, and unparalleled wellness for our residents. The benefits of senior living during the winter extend far beyond the physical conveniences, such as snow removal and emergency support. Through our PrimeFit Wellness program, we champion proactive well-being, addressing the social, physical, mental, emotional, and communal aspects of our residents’ health.

Join us on our mission to bring year-round wellness to older adults! Contact The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing and schedule your tour today. Wellness is waiting!


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