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Resident Art Gallery at Hawthorne Court

Resident Art Gallery at Hawthorne Court

Alissa Sauer

With studies finding art therapy can decrease symptoms of depression, fight isolation, and reduce stress it’s no wonder that senior communities are embracing the arts. Hawthorne Court has a vibrant arts and crafts program and recently celebrated the abundance of artistic talent in the community by hosting a resident art gallery. Submissions included writing, ceramics, sewing, painting, and more. Learn more about the art show and the benefits of art for senior health and wellness.

The Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Lenore, Hawthorne Court resident, shows her art

Art and creative expression can inspire and bring purpose and meaning to anyone, but especially seniors in independent living and assisted living. Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses creativity to encourage self-expression. It has shown to be beneficial for people of all ages and is used in senior living communities to encourage and engage residents. From fighting social isolation to increasing self-esteem, art therapy can help people process new and overwhelming emotions, engage safely in the community, and open up new forms of communication.

4 Ways Seniors Can Benefit From Art Therapy

1. Creativity combats social isolation

Creativity encourages seniors to engage in the world. Getting out and taking photographs of people or nature, walking through a garden to better paint flowers, attending a pottery class – art encourages people to engage with the world around them on a variety of levels.

2. Sharing art increases self-esteem and motivation

An art project can bring purpose and motivation to a senior struggling with newfound free time. Positive reactions to his or her art bring improved self-esteem and confidence to start another project. It’s something seniors can start and finish – an attainable task that brings purpose and meaning to the artist and the audience.

3. Art therapy can open up new paths of communication

Art therapy has been known to reach seniors who are non-verbal and seniors with Alzheimer’s and related forms of dementia. Seniors with cognitive impairment can often remember the lyrics to songs from his or her childhood and seniors who are non-verbal are often capable of writing awe-inspiring poetry.

4. Art is for everyone

Art reaches everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, mobility, and disabilities. There is something everyone can contribute to the world of art and there is something everyone can take from art. It’s a way to unify a community and engage residents at every level.

Hawthorne Court Showcases Resident Artwork

Shirley, Hawthorne Court resident, shows her artHawthorne Court recently acknowledged the benefits of art for residents and the abundance of artistic talent at our community by having a resident art gallery. Residents submitted art that included drawings, paintings, woodwork, leather craft, poetry, carvings, ceramics, doll-making, sewing, craft projects, needlework, and more!

We have a vibrant arts and crafts program where our residents continue to refine lifelong talents and also start new hobbies and crafts. No matter where your talent lies, we encourage residents to create and share artwork, enriching and inspiring our community.

Stop by Hawthorne Court today and learn more about our arts and crafts programs!

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