Canfield Place Resident Honored for Commitment to Community

Canfield Place Resident Honored for Commitment to Community

At Leisure Care, we are proud of the way our senior communities interact with the surrounding larger community. We are committed to making the world a more fun, more engaging, more caring place and we love that our residents are too!

Canfield Place resident Diane Cadonau exemplifies our commitment to service and was recently recognized by the Hillsboro Police Department (HPD) for her service. Read more about her volunteer legacy.

23 Years of Faithful Service to the Hillsboro Police Department

Resident Diane Cadonau Outside Canfield PlaceDiane Cadonau has spent so much time volunteering at the Hillsboro Police Department that she was often confused for a full-time employee. In 1994, Diane became one of the police department’s first volunteer mediators in the Hillsboro Mediation Program (HMP). Prior to becoming a mediator with the HMP, Diane spent 12 years assisting rape victims at a local hospital.

For 23 years, Diane faithfully volunteered with the HMP. In this role, Diane mediated disputes, answered phones, returned calls, and managed cases. When the program was in search of a new director, it was Diane who kept the HMP running. As a mediator, Diane was known for being calm and steady in chaos, highly regarded for her wisdom and self-control.

Diane Cadonau Honored for Volunteer Work

In 2005, Diane added to her volunteer resume by becoming a Domestic Violence Response Team volunteer at the Hillsboro Police Department. In that role, she took on-call shifts, responded to the scene of domestic violence incidents, and provided resources for the victims of domestic violence. She was critical in times of emotionally trying situations where children were involved. Diane is credited with getting the Domestic Violence Response Team up and running, supporting the program until a director was hired and willingly covering long shifts until more volunteers were recruited.

For her dedicated service, Diane was awarded the 2017 Volunteer of the Fall Quarter by the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM). She is one of four volunteers across the country to receive this award each year. The HPD is thankful for her service stating,

Diane Cadonau Receives Volunteer Award


 “Volunteer Diane Cadonau will never be replaced. Her legacy of giving will continue to live on in the lives of those she touched with her kind words and the time she gave to her community. “Thank you, Diane” seems so insignificant for what you’ve given, but we will be forever grateful.”

We are proud to call Diane one of our residents, and we thank her for her many years of service!

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