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COVID-19 Vaccination Celebration at Fairwinds – Spokane


Alissa Sauer

Fairwinds – Spokane senior living has thrown its fair share of amazing parties in its 20-year history, but their most recent celebration was one for the books. Take a closer look at our most meaningful celebration yet – our COVID-19 vaccination party.

‘Shots for Shots’  at Fairwinds – Spokane

Fairwinds – Spokane does everything with an extra dose of Five-Star Fun. As one of the first senior living communities to receive the vaccine in the United States, the staff and residents at Fairwinds – Spokane were ready to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate a major milestone in ending the COVID-19 pandemic than with a socially-distant party?

“Participation from both residents and staff was amazing and really showed how we are doing our part to work towards ending this pandemic.” – Jamie Bravato, General Manager

Turning our vaccination area into a party room, we ‘beat down’ COVID with a piñata, ‘shot down’ COVID with target shooting, and took ‘shots for shots’ (Jell-O shots from a syringe), smiled behind our masks for our #vaccinated photo booth, enjoyed syringe shaped cookies and so much more.

Fairwinds – Spokane independent living and assisted living are now accepting new residents. Contact us today for your in-person private tour or virtual consultation. We can’t wait for you to join the party! 


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