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Overcoming Disability at Fairwinds – Spokane Senior Living


Alissa Sauer

At Fairwinds – Spokane senior living, we like to say that our residents ‘live better than ever’. For us, it’s more than a tagline or a catchphrase. It’s how we live every day, and it’s how we make decisions regarding our residents’ care. Take a closer look at how one of our residents is truly living better than ever.

Fairwinds – Spokane Resident Finds Renewed Health

Fairwinds - Spokane resident at PrimeFitAnita Rishell moved to Fairwinds in August of 2020. Anita suffered from Orthostatic Tremor, a rare progressive condition with no known cause or cure that results in shakiness when standing and, ultimately, disability. Before arriving at Fairwinds, she had spent 14 years confined to a wheelchair and did not walk. Before her diagnosis, Anita was a nurse who completed a backpacking trip of over 100 miles in 2 weeks at 13,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She also had spent 25 years sailing around the world in a 51-foot boat with her husband.

Following her move to Fairwinds – Spokane, Anita began working out in our PrimeFit gym regularly. When she started working out, she could walk 15 to 30 feet without stopping. With a lot of dedication and perseverance, Anita can now walk 400 feet, or about 5 minutes, continuously in five short months.

“Anita is the most determined resident I have seen in my nearly 13 years working here. She does not let obstacles stand in her way.” – Jeff Thaxton, PrimeFit instructor

She pushes herself on the Nustep cardio machine and completes strength training 3 times per week. Her goal is to be able to walk independently with a walker.

“If I can help someone else with motivation, that is why I keep going. Determination is all it takes. I’m just that type of person. I ‘want to’.” – Fairwinds – Spokane resident Anita Rishell

At Fairwinds – Spokane, we believe that people can change their lives with the right tools and motivation. We have all the resources that residents need to make positive changes in their physical, mental, and cognitive health.

Fairwinds – Spokane is now accepting new residents in independent living and assisted living. Contact us today for your private in-person tour or virtual consultation. Your best life is waiting at Fairwinds – Spokane.


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