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Embracing Wellness at Washington Oakes Senior Living


Alissa Sauer

At Washington Oakes, retirement is just the beginning! Our senior living community recognizes the importance of movement for mind, body, and soul and intentionally creates fun and engaging opportunities for residents to embrace wellness. Take a closer look at our PrimeFit Wellness program and see how residents at Washington Oakes are joyfully embracing holistic wellness.

Holistic Health with PrimeFit Wellness at Washington Oakes

Today’s senior living communities are vibrant places where seniors can expand their horizons, find new hobbies, form new interests, and cultivate new or lifelong relationships. At Washington Oakes, we know how important it is that our residents stay active and engaged in community life. From avoiding the dangers of social isolation to increasing mobility and strength, the PrimeFit Wellness program at Washington Oakes has everything seniors need to stay independent for as long as possible.

Residents enjoy daily group exercise programs focusing on balance, strength, and mobility. Our well-trained PrimeFit instructor leads these classes, personal training sessions, and a Friday morning walking group. Occupational therapy and physical therapy are available in-house through our partnership with Select Rehab. Residents have access to our fitness center daily, all day long, making fitness a way of life at Washington Oakes.

Because wellness is more than physical, we also offer cognitive health opportunities through our partnership with BrainHQ by Posit Science. Our residents are mentally engaged throughout the day through personalized activities and games, daily puzzles, card games, art classes, and a lively social calendar.

Residents enjoy chef-created and scratch-made meals in the dining room that can accommodate a range of specialized diets. We create custom dishes for residents with food allergies or dietary restrictions and make meals delicious and fun! trücup Coffee is available in our onsite bistro, which is low-acid and gentle on stomachs.

At Washington Oakes, it’s all about the wellness lifestyle. Vigorous exercise that builds strength and balance meets nutrient-dense foods that build health from the inside out to create a lifestyle that empowers residents to live well at every age.

Contact Washington Oakes today to learn more about our holistic and person-centered approach to independent living and assisted living. Wellness is waiting for you! 


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