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Getting Social with Fairwinds – Redmond

Facebook Reviews Fairwinds Redmond

Alissa Sauer

When it comes to senior living, we know we do it best because our residents and their families tell us. Now, we are asking you to share it with the world! We would love for you to share your experiences and thoughts on our Facebook page. Learn more about senior living at Fairwinds – Redmond and how you can help us spread the word and share the love! 

Share the Love

At Fairwinds – Redmond senior living is more than retirement. It’s Five Star Fun. We do senior living a little differently, and frankly, we do it better. From visiting local wineries to throwing holiday parties, we love sharing everything that makes our community so special on our Facebook page. It’s a great way to involve friends and families in what we are doing – and we know you love seeing your loved ones featured on our page!

We are asking that if you love Fairwinds – Redmond as much as we do, to join us in shouting it out from the rooftops. We are passionate about senior care, believing that all seniors should have the opportunity to live in Five Star Fun and we need your help in spreading the word!

To review Fairwinds – Redmond on Facebook, follow these five simple steps.

Facebook Reviews

  1. Visit our Facebook page at
  2. Click on “reviews” on the left side of the page
  3. Click the gray stars to choose a rating and click the star you would like to give us
  4. Write a review and select “audience
  5. Click “done”





We truly appreciate your partnership and trusting us to care for your loved ones. Fairwinds – Redmond is a special place because of our residents and their families, and we love what we do! Thank you for your support and for sharing your love of Fairwinds – Redmond with others!


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