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Fairwinds Redmond Reviews

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Alissa Sauer

Read reviews and testimonials from residents and family members for Fairwinds Redmond senior living, a Leisure Care community.

“After living at Fairwinds for two years, I moved when my husband passed away. Within a short period of time, I realized that Fairwinds was my home; I missed the community that Fairwinds is. I moved back to the community of good friends and the great staff that treat you with respect and dignity, especially during this pandemic time. I am so glad to be back!” –Carolyn N., resident

“We felt so listened to and such empathy from the staff about our mom’s needs for assisted living and independent living and within three weeks, our mom moved in. Thank you, Fairwinds for having been a great place for my mom.” –Valey B., family member of a resident

This is a big THANK YOU. I appreciate all you’ve done for me and the support you give the entire community here at Fairwinds. Thank you again.Margaret, resident

We are grateful for every one of our capable, efficient, loyal employees and staff members. Their collective positive attitude brightens every day, all day. We are deeply indebted to our guest services manager, the “sine qua non” of our community. She continually plans, expedites, and fosters a true spirit of ‘Liv Fun’ for all, with a serious sense of humor, too.– Larry & Phyllis, residents

My mother in law has lived at Fairwinds Redmond for almost 3 years, and we have never been more grateful for the loving, patient staff there than during this crisis.– Susan R., family member of a resident

“I could not be happier with things here at Fairwinds.” –Berry R., resident

We moved our 92-year-old Grandmother here 2 years ago. She started to live! She is having the time of her life and has made some wonderful friends.– Cheri L., family member of a resident


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