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Read reviews and testimonials from residents and family members for Russellville Park senior living, a Leisure Care community

“My mother moved into Portland’s Russellville Park in mid-May and it has been a great relief to her children to see the kind of care, services, and attention she’s getting in her new home. We believe we made a good choice in Russellville Park.” –Kurt W., a family member of a resident

“The housekeeping staff and the servers see to it that we are fed and our rooms are cleaned. Activities have worked hard to provide some social stimulation and fun for all of us. Thank you!” –Sally S., resident

I’d like to thank the general manager at Russellville Park in Portland, Oregon. She has been there for us from the beginning and at every turn. A true rock star!.” – Sheri G., family member of a resident

The staff continues to go above and beyond their daily responsibilities for mom. They have kept us informed of mom’s needs and how she is doing. The staff even went so far as to help set up a video calling system for mom, all of our family members can now call at any time and have a video chat with Nanny!– Renee M., family member of a resident

Every time I visit, I am so glad my mother is there. She works out 6x week, goes on the field trips every Friday and plays mahjong twice a week.– Arlene W., family member of a resident

Every member of the staff seems to be giving their utmost to make sure that we enjoy ourselves and have the experience we had come for!– Ramona & Peter, residents

Thank you so much for the wonderful home you helped provide for my aunt. From the clean and safe spaces to the amazing, caring staff members, Russellville was truly a blessing for all of us.– Derek B., family member of a resident

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of all of you at Russellville and the exceptional support you provide my mom.– Sue L., family member of a resident


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