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Fairwinds – Spokane: Where Age is Just a Number

Fairwinds - Spokane Carousel Ride

Alissa Sauer

At Fairwinds – Spokane, we believe that joy isn’t just for the young; it’s for the young at heart! Through engaging activities, we encourage older adults to discover joy and delight in every detail. 

See how a recent trip to the historical Loof Carousel brought child-like joy to residents and staff alike! 

Discovering Delight in the Every Day

Fairwinds - Spokane resident rides carousel Fairwinds – Spokane residents and staff took a trip to downtown Spokane when resident Louise LaVoie spotted the historic Loof Carousel. When Louise, 99, said she wanted to ride the carousel, our dedicated concierge and programs director made it happen. Louise was helped onto a carousel horse, and pure magic unfolded.

As the carousel began to spin, Louise’s face lit up with the brightest smile. Happy tears welled in her eyes as she was transported back in time to childhood memories and the sheer joy that transcends any age. 

Louise’s story is not uncommon among residents at Fairwinds – Spokane. As a Leisure Care community, residents at Fairwinds – Spokane have access to exclusive signature programs like PrimeFit Wellness. PrimeFit Wellness is research-based and science-backed, bringing living well and well-being to life through intentional programming and amenities that meet the social, physical, mental, emotional, and communal health of older adults.

Whether through cultural events, travel experiences, or philanthropic endeavors, PrimeFit Wellness provides diverse avenues for our residents to enrich their lives and foster a deep sense of fulfillment. PrimeFit Wellness makes holistic living the focal point of community life at Fairwinds – Spokane. From their onsite restaurant with an in-house, dedicated chef and group fitness classes, to a robust calendar of daily activities and travel opportunities, wellness goes beyond the walls of the fitness center and is infused into every day – and every moment. 

As Leisure Care continues to innovate and lead in science-based wellness programs for older adults, Fairwinds – Spokane remains commited to provide  residents with opportunities that enhance their well-being and allow them to find joy in all they do.

Fairwinds – Spokane offers award-winning independent living and life-enhancing assisted living the heart of Spokane. Join us in the joy! Contact Fairwinds – Spokane today to schedule your tour! 


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