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Canfield Place Gingerbread Decorating

At Canfield Place, we know the value of intergenerational activities for both seniors and children. We are always seeking partnerships with local organizations to cultivate a true sense of community, bringing joy and bridging generations. Local Girl Scout Troupe 10074 of Beaverton recently came to Canfield Place to decorate gingerbread houses with our residents. Learn more about this fun event!

Girl Scouts Decorate Gingerbread Houses at Canfield Place

We were pleased to host Local Girl Scout Troupe 10074 of Beaverton for gingerbread house decorating this holiday season! We welcomed 9 Girl Scouts and residents paired up with each one to create their gingerbread house.

“The Girl Scout I built my gingerbread house with was so inventive. I never would’ve thought to design it like she did!” – Resident Patricia Fisher

“How cute were the girls who came in? I just love that age group. They have so much enthusiastic energy!” – Resident Carole Hughes

Girl Scouts Decorate Gingerbread Houses with Canfield Place Residents

Residents and the Girl Scouts worked together using candies and treats from our chef to decorate their houses, smiling the whole time. More than building a gingerbread house, our residents and the Girl Scouts were building memories – sharing stories, favorite holiday memories, and getting to know each other. It was truly a special holiday memory.

Canfield Place provides a fun and engaging calendar for our residents and strives to involve our community in the larger Beaverton community. Stop by today to learn more about how life at Canfield Place encourages and empowers seniors to enjoy every day of retirement!

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