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Vintage Airplane - Van Mall Visits Kidd's Toy Museum

Van Mall recently took residents to Kidd’s Toy Museum, a private toy museum featuring over 15,000 toy items, including antique mechanical banks. The museum is a historical icon and our residents enjoyed the day reliving the past as the toys recalled specific childhood memories.

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Childhood Toys Bring Back Priceless Memories

Van Mall resident admires vintage toysAt Van Mall, our residents decide what each day looks like. Our trips and outings use our exceptional transportation program and are planned by our residents, bringing a variety of engaging and fun local trips to our residents.

Recently, our residents and staff went to Kidd’s Toy Museum, a private collection of more than 15,000 antique and vintage toys from 1869 to 1939. Our residents braved the cold weather and took a walk down memory lane into their childhood past.

Residents loved the Bobby Lee doll and the vintage toy airplanes, as well as the large dollhouses. The toys really brought back memories for the residents and our staff had a blast reliving those memories with residents.Vintage Disney Toys

“It was a wonderful trip.” – Clem, resident of Van Mall

“I had a really good time.” – Bill, resident of Van Mall

At Van Mall, we strive to ensure our residents are active and engaged. Our activity calendar is resident-directed, helping residents live their best retirement.

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