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Finding Grief Support at Fairwinds – Rio Rancho

Fairwinds - Rio Rancho Grief Support

Alissa Sauer

At Fairwinds – Rio Rancho independent living and assisted living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, we encourage our residents to lead programming that benefits their overall health and wellness. Take a closer look at our grief support group and learn how our residents are finding peace and comfort.

At Fairwinds – Rio Rancho, we focus on the positives of aging while facing its challenges head-on. As we continually seek ways to support our residents and their families, we encourage residents to let us know what they need and when they need it. Anne Snyder, a resident at Fairwinds – Rio Rancho, oversees the grief support group for residents and staff.

Grief support groups, also called bereavement support groups can provide guidance and support for someone experiencing loss. The loss of a loved one brings the group together in a unique way and promotes understanding and hope. Attendees of the support group know they aren’t alone, find a different perspective from others, and experience a sense of belonging after a loss.

5 Benefits of Joining a Grief Support Group

1. Gain a sense of hope after a loss.

Grief is a journey, but it’s not a straight line. While no two grief journeys are the same, members of a grief group have a shared experience of loss. Gathering together allows people who recently experienced a loss to connect with those who are further along in their journey and give them hope that joy is still possible. People further along in their grief journey provide life-affirming joy to those early on.

2. Know you are not alone in your grief journey.

The biggest benefit of a grief journey may be finding comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. Grieving alone can be isolating, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression. When your grief feels overwhelming, your group understands and can provide comfort at a difficult time.

3. Gain a fresh perspective.

The experience of loss, although shared, is different for everyone. These different experiences can benefit group attendees as they share advice, suggestions, insights, and outlooks.

4. Give back to others going through a loss.

Joining a grief group is a great way for people experiencing loss to find purpose and meaning. As a participant in a support group, you will receive advice, but you’ll also inspire others.

5. Experience a sense of belonging.

No one wants to be a member of a grief club. It’s a hard-earned membership but once you’re in the club, you will find comfort and a strong sense of belonging as you walk through your grief journey with others.

Joining the Community at Fairwinds – Rio Rancho

At Fairwinds – Rio Rancho, we help new residents adjust to community life through a variety of resources as they meet new people and join new activities. Compassionate and encouraging, our services and amenities encourage residents to show up as their best selves for the moments and people that matter most.

Contact Fairwinds – Rio Rancho today to learn more about our community events and offerings!


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