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How to Choose a Senior Living Community

When it’s time to move a loved one into senior living, we know that adult children want nothing but the best for their parents. No matter if their parent is moving from their own home or has been living with their children, the decision when and where to move is never taken lightly.

Additionally, it can be hard to know where to start in your search for the best place for your loved one. The options seem endless – from levels of care offered to community activities and opportunities, the search for senior living can be overwhelming.

We are here to help get you started, walk you through the process, and ultimately, welcome your family into ours.

Determining Level of Care

After deciding a move into senior living is the best option for your family member, you will need to determine what type of community will best suite your loved one. Determining which level of care will best meet your needs and the needs of your loved one can help you narrow down your list of potential communities.

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Assisted and Independent Living in Lynnwood, Washington

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Many of today’s senior living communities are called “age in place” or “life planning communities” where there are different levels of care offered in the same community.  This means that seniors can start in independent living and then, if needs should change over time, move into assisted living care, or memory care. Sometimes, this means moving apartments into another neighborhood within the same community but it can also mean staying in your own apartment while receiving additional care services. Either way, the knowledge that your loved one can stay in a community where they are known and loved, even if their care needs evolve, offers family members peace of mind and helps avoid potentially unnecessary moves and stress.

Important Considerations

When touring a senior living community, be sure to see the community through the lens and perspective your loved one – and not yourself. These helpful tips can help you walk through the process and make the best decision for yourself and your family member.

  • Before touring a potential community, create a checklist with your loved one listing services and amenities he or she would like in a community.
  • Walk through our Senior Living Checklist together and discuss how important each item is to your loved one.
  • Take into consideration the location of a senior living community. Is it near your home? Will you be able to visit regularly?
  • If possible, bring your loved one with you on a community tour.
  • Encourage him or her to ask questions and be vocal about what they are thinking and feeling.
  • Do not discount an emotion. Work to ensure your loved one is being heard.
  • Do not value your own opinion of a potential community more than you value the opinion of your loved one. Remember, they are the ones moving.
  • Ask open-ended questions to understand why your loved one liked (or didn’t like) a community.
  • Be sure to include your loved one in conversations regarding finances, move in logistics, contracts, etc. Do not speak to staff as if your loved one is not present.

These tips can help your loved one be involved in the process and can help get them excited about this next chapter of their life. When you’re ready to schedule a tour or just want a little help with the transition, give us a call. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome your loved one home!

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