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What Are Independent Living Communities?

What Is Independent Living?

Alissa Sauer

Independent living is a type of senior community where residents are physically independent but like the idea of living with other people the same age and appreciate the community lifestyle. With an abundance of activities, social events, travel opportunities, and fine dining – what’s not to love? Learn more about the extensive benefits that come with a move into one of these premier communities.

What are Independent Living Communities?

Independent living, senior living, retirement community – these are all terms to describe the same type of senior living community. In an independent living community, residents live largely independently in a residential setting, engaging in community life while also enjoying the luxuries of private accommodations, usually in an apartment or villa.

These communities offer a range of amenities and services that simply make life easier than living alone. From housekeeping to meal preparation and home maintenance, life in independent living is carefree and hassle-free. Senior living communities also encourage healthy aging with a plethora of physical fitness classes, travel, educational and cultural opportunities, and the chance to do life well with friends that feel more like family.

Independent living communities are far from stereotypical nursing homes with five-star dining and award-winning programming and are able to engage seniors on a level that is unparalleled in the history of senior care.

Experience Leisure Care Independent Living

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Independent Living in Bothell, Washington

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Independent Living and Assisted Living and Memory Care in Portland, Oregon

Porte Cochere - Fairwinds - Redmond Retirement Community

Independent Living and Assisted Living in Redmond, Washington

Why Seniors Thrive in Independent Living

Today’s seniors expect nothing less than the best and today’s independent living communities are rising to their expectations. More like resort-style living then retirement, residents in these communities enjoy a wide range benefits, especially those who move from living alone into a community.

Additionally, many of these communities also have an assisted living component so that residents can transfer into assisted living care if needs change without having to physically move location or search for a new community. This means that residents can stay where they are known and loved, eliminating the need for a stressful move at an already stressful time.

Benefits of moving into a senior living community include

  • A decreased risk of social isolation
  • Freedom from housekeeping, home maintenance, and the woes of homeownership
  • All inclusive living means no more tracking utility bills and no more late fees
  • An abundance of services and amenities that promote healthy aging
  • Around the clock safety and security, giving residents and their families peace of mind
  • Organized opportunities to find new hobbies, new interests, and travel the world
  • Access to nutritious and delicious meals prepared by a professional chef
  • Available assistance if needed

If residents should need assisted living services but aren’t quite ready to make the move from independent living, some communities will allow residents to hire in-home caregivers to come to the community. This allows residents to stay in independent living for longer, while still receiving the care services needed to thrive and age well.

A move into independent living is smart from a physical, emotional, mental, and financial standpoint. We would love to show you around one of our communities today and help you make your retirement dream a reality.

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