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Why Moving to Senior Living Earlier is Better

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Alissa Sauer

Moving to a senior living community before you need care or assistance may seem unnecessary. But, the truth is that moving to a senior living community earlier may be better in the long run, especially for active adults. Learn why many seniors are choosing to move to senior living when they want to – and not when they need to.

5 Benefits to Moving to Senior Living Earlier

1. Live more, Clean less

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend cleaning your home? If you are in the home you have lived in for decades, which many seniors are, there’s no doubt you are spending a lot of time managing your stuff. Moving to senior living means that someone is cleaning your home and providing home maintenance. You will have no yard maintenance and your bills are all or mostly all-inclusive. That means you have more time to live your life the way you want to live.

2. Create your inner circle 

Friends are important in every stage of life. You may find that many of your friends have already moved. Now is the time to move to senior living and find your tribe. You may find them in a weekly card game, on a lunch and shopping day around town, or on a hiking excursion. Being in senior living means that it’s easier to do what you love – and it’s easier to find people who love the same things too! 

3. Commit to healthy living

Research shows that moving to senior living can actually be a healthier and safer option for seniors, especially for seniors who live alone. Socialization, nutrition programs, fitness options, and a focus on living well are all benefits to moving to senior living – and they can help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals faster.

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4. Have an adventure 

Senior living is evolving to meet the needs of an active generation of seniors. From an onsite travel agency and Leisure Care trips to local excursions, senior living can truly be an adventure. Step out of your comfort zone. Get out of your routine. Break up the monotony of life – and make meaningful friendships while doing it.

5. You (and your family) will have peace of mind for the future

When you move to senior living early, there’s no more worrying about the house, about downsizing, about the potential of needing long-term care. It can be stressful for families and seniors to face the unknowns of the future. Making the move to senior living earlier can relieve that anxiety and allow seniors and their families to move forward confidently, knowing they are taken care of and well cared for if needs should change over time.

If you’re considering a move to senior living, contact one of our Leisure Care communities today. We are experts in senior living, making the most of every day while enjoying Five Star Fun together. We’d love to help you make the transition to senior living. Start your adventure today! 

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