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When is it Time for Respite Care?

Respite Care

Alissa Sauer

Being a caregiver is a full-time job. It can be stressful and demanding, without much opportunity for a break. That’s why Leisure Care communities offer respite care. No matter what is going on in your life, we are here to help take care of your loved one, for as long as you need it. Take a vacation, have that lunch with an old friend, or just run errands, knowing your loved one is in good hands. Learn more about our comprehensive respite care program and how it can help you provide the best care for your loved one.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a temporary stay at a senior living community that provides short-term relief for caregivers. Respite care can be just for an afternoon, or for several days or weeks. When your loved one comes to a Leisure Care community for respite care, they will be an instant member of our community, enjoying all the privileges and amenities that our long-term residents enjoy.

Who Needs Respite Care?

There are approximately 43.5 million caregivers in the United States, providing unpaid care. 15.7 million of those family caregivers are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia, many of those requiring full-time care. Additionally, many caregivers have jobs and children, adding to their endless list of responsibilities.

Respite care provides a break for these often overwhelmed caregivers. From providing medication management to assistance with activities of daily living, we are here. We would say that all caregivers need respite care for their senior loved one, even if just for an afternoon.

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When is it Time for Respite Care?

No matter if you’re in a season of transition, looking for a change of pace, or taking a vacation, let your senior loved one rest, rewind, and recuperate with Leisure Care.

Family caregivers take advantage of respite care in senior living for a variety of reasons including,

  • Vacations
  • Mental health breaks
  • Surgeries or procedures
  • Time to run errands
  • To keep a loved one engaged
  • To provide a social outlet for a senior loved one

Benefits of Respite Care

Respite care benefits both caregivers and seniors in a variety of ways. Take a closer look at the benefits of respite care for both caregiver and senior.

How Respite Care Benefits Caregivers

Statistics show that family caregivers often sacrifice mental, physical, and financial health to care for a loved one. Respite care can help give caregivers a mental and physical break, even allowing family caregivers to work while their loved one is being cared for.

1. Get some rest and relaxation

Caregivers need breaks to rest their minds and body. Without proper rest and relaxation, caregivers can become exhausted, experiencing a breakdown in both mental and physical health.

2. Focus on your personal health

Caregivers who take advantage of respite care often experience improved personal health as they now have time to exercise, keep medical appointments, or meal prep.

3. Cultivate a support network

Caregivers need a strong support network. Sometimes, that can be hard to find because caregivers are so busy with their caregiving duties. Knowing their loved one is well cared for in respite care allows caregivers to keep those lunch dates, make those phone calls, and cultivate their own much-needed support network.

4. Get another point of view

When you do the same thing day in and day out, it can be easy to overlook a new medical issue. Using respite care allows other caregivers and medical professionals to give you a fresh perspective on the health of a loved one.

How Respite Care Benefits Seniors

Respite care does not only benefit caregivers, but it can also benefit seniors in need of companionship, social activities, and a change of pace.

1. Prevent social isolation

Social isolation is more than being lonely. It’s a health risk, especially for seniors and can even increase the risk of death as much as 26%. When a senior is in respite care, they enter into a community of people that are on a similar journey. Their needs are being met while they experience all the fun and activities of a senior living community.

2. Find a new hobby

Seniors in respite care often have the chance to participate in new activities and take advantage of the activities in the community where are receiving care. Often, seniors in respite care find a new hobby or rekindle a love for an old hobby. Either way, it can be invigorating and fulfilling for seniors to claim (or reclaim!) a new experience.

3. Experience senior living

Respite care is a great way to try out senior living and see if it’s a good fit. Think of it as a trial run. Take advantage of everything you possibly can and envision yourself living there. Is the food good? Are the people kind? Do you trust the staff? Consider all aspects and you might decide to make it your permanent home.

What Can I Expect from Respite Care at a Leisure Care Community?

Respite care at Leisure Care is fun and stress-free, giving residents and caregivers peace of mind. We have furnished apartments with all the comforts of home, weekly housekeeping, and linen services, and offer assisted living and memory care services in some communities. Respite care residents enjoy our concierge services, access to our PrimeFit gym and fitness program, our BrainHQ brain fitness program, each community’s dynamic social calendar, transportation services, and more. Forget calling it respite care. At Leisure Care, it’s more like an all-inclusive vacation.

We know that caregiving takes a village, and we would love to be part of your village. We are on your team, ready to lighten your load, shorten your to-do list, and give your loved one a great experience in senior living respite care.

How can respite care help you? Reach out to a Leisure Care community near you today and find balance in your caregiving journey. 

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