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Residents at The Woodlake independent livingassisted living, and memory care live well in every aspect of their lives. Wellness is central to The Woodlake lifestyle, from dining to traveling. Learn how The Woodlake’s unique approach to senior health is enhancing the quality of life for our residents.

PrimeFit Wellness is The Woodlake’s unique approach to wellness built on five core elements: nutrition, balance, fitness, brain health, and lifestyle. By focusing on these five core areas, residents at The Woodlake have every opportunity to live better than ever.

Patrick Reynoso is the personal trainer and PrimeFit Wellness instructor at The Woodlake. He brings over six years of experience to our community, training and coaching clients on their movement, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices that directly impact their wellness. A certified strength and conditioning specialist with a degree in kinesiology from Fresno State.

“I’ve improved, definitely. I am able to get out of my chair much easier with some assistance. My kids have seen an improvement.”- Gail P., resident at The Woodlake

Reynoso values improving not only the physical health of our residents but also their emotional and mental health. Some of our PrimeFit Wellness activities have included Tai Chi, Chi Song, Brain Blenders, and even extend into our dining room with protein salads, chicken, and cauliflower rice included in our entrees.

Contact The Woodlake today to schedule your personal consultation with Patrick, our PrimeFit Wellness instructor. Any residents that move in by February 28th will receive $500 towards personal training.


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