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Finding Healing and Respite at Treeo Raleigh

Treeo Raleigh is an independent living community with access to care services located in the heart of Raleigh, NC. Residents at Treeo Raleigh have access to modern amenities in an environment that feels like home, with care services available when needed. Learn more about how Treeo empowers seniors to make the most of retirement and receive the services they need to live the life they want.

Treeo Raleigh is proud to partner with local medical providers to bring onsite home health care and personal care to our residents. Our residents have convenient access to physical therapy and occupational therapy in a community where independence is encouraged, and privacy is respected.

Melinda and Scott Rossi were recent residents of Treeo, finding the support and care they needed after a fall stopped their cross-country move plans. The couple was in the process of packing up their home for a move to be near family in Washington when they had a fall that required short-term rehabilitation services. They found the care they needed and so much more at Treeo Raleigh.

Following a serious fall, my wife and I were hospitalized for a week and then entered a rehabilitation facility for 7 weeks. While in rehab, we sold our two-story home. As our stay in rehab was ending, we found ourselves homeless and in need of temporary housing until our new home was ready.

We did some research and found Treeo Senior Living, an independent living facility in Raleigh, NC. During our preliminary conversations with the Treeo staff, we found genuine care for our well-being and future. The staff was very quick in replying to our questions and concerns. The facilities are well managed, modern, and clean.

In addition, Treeo has on-site physical and occupational therapists who were able to help us prepare for moving back into our own home. There is a modern gym where we could work with our therapists and on our own as we progressed. Therapy was focused on what we needed to get back on our feet. The therapists are top-notch and wonderful to work with.

There is also a home care division on the premises in case you need some additional help with your personal care among other things. Treeo and its staff provided us with a safe and beautiful environment to continue our therapy prior to being on our own again. While staying at Treeo, I celebrated a birthday, and my wife and I celebrated a wedding anniversary. The staff went above and beyond to make these celebrations special for us. This attention to detail carries over to everyday activities.

We were very happy during our stay at Treeo and would highly recommend it as a short- or long-term solution.

Whether you are looking for a place to rest and recover or a new community to call home, Treeo Raleigh is a place you will be proud to live. Our vibrant community serves Five-Star Fun every day with resort-style amenities at your fingertips. Contact us today to see how you can live Smart, Modern, and Connected at Treeo!


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