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A Focus on Fitness at Heritage Estates


Alissa Sauer

Heritage Estates retirement community in Livermore, California offers its residents a unique holistic approach to health and wellness in an independent living and assisted living setting. Their PrimeFit Instructors help residents set and achieve fitness goals, focusing on their “functional fitness”. By improving strength, balance, and mobility, residents can enjoy the activities they love for longer.

Heritage Estates resident Peggy Oberholzer, 77, has seen the benefits of PrimeFit firsthand. Peggy moved to Heritage Estates after breaking her back in 2011. At that time, her future independence was uncertain. But with determination and support from her PrimeFit Instructor, Peggy regained her strength and mobility. She began a daily walking regimen. Her progress was slow and steady, starting with one lap around the building assisted by her walker and gradually built up to multiple ½ mile loops around the entire community without her walker.

This year, at age 77, Peggy completed her first 5K. Her PrimeFit Instructor talks about her training.

“Peggy was very dedicated to her goal. It wasn’t enough that she finished the 5k, she wanted to finish strong. Her consistency was the key to her success. I remember inviting her on a group walk and her telling me she couldn’t. She told me she had to complete her distance for that day in a set time and our group would be too slow!”

Her dedication paid off, with 4 generations of family by her side, Peggy completed her 5k in just 51 minutes.

Peggy has gone beyond recovery to truly embrace physical fitness. Since beginning her walking routine, she has lost 51 pounds. Peggy participated in February’s Fitness Frenzy, a philanthropic campaign that encourages seniors to be active while raising money for children and families across the country. This year, seniors from Leisure Care Communities across the United States logged over 1 million hours of exercise and raised nearly $40,000. Peggy alone walked 1,938 minutes covering 100 miles. She says,

“I refused to let my injury keep me from living the lifestyle I want to live. I hope to inspire someone else to keep moving, keep striving and never stop.”

Leisure Care is proud to offer PrimeFit programs at our communities. We are committed to helping residents maintain independence and achieve fitness goals throughout retirement. Learn more about our PrimeFit program and how it keeps seniors active and engaged in lifelong fitness.

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