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Treeo South Ogden PrimeFit Wellness

Treeo South Ogden is a premier independent living community in South Ogden, Utah. More than just an apartment home, Treeo South Ogden is a strong community where seniors find belonging, acceptance, care, and joy. Take a closer look at the innovative services and amenities at Treeo South Ogden.

Empowering Senior Health Through PrimeFit Wellness

Today’s senior living communities provide more than assistance with activities of daily living. At Treeo South Ogden, independent living residents can find the assisted living care services they need through our partnership with medical providers, but they also find so much more. As a Leisure Care community, Treeo South Ogden residents have access to PrimeFit Wellness, a combination of services and amenities that work together to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

Moving to a senior living community like Treeo South Ogden provides seniors with access to services that boost their physical health. We have an onsite gym with a personal trainer who leads group fitness classes and works individually with residents in personal training to set goals and work towards better health. Many of our fitness programs focus on balance and mobility, which can help residents avoid falls, prolonging independence. Outside the gym, our residents fuel their bodies with chef-prepared, scratch-made meals served three times a day in our onsite restaurant. With a choice of entrees that can be adapted to meet most dietary restrictions and fresh ingredients, residents at Treeo find good nutrition comes effortlessly. We also offer residents use of our private dining room to celebrate milestones and special events with friends and family, room service for when they prefer a quiet meal, and a bistro for mid-day snacks.

One of Treeo’s most important health benefits is the social environment. Here, there is always something to do, and there is always someone to do it with! From our social dining room to our vibrant activities calendar, seniors more easily avoid the dangers of social isolation. Our community makes it easy to develop new friendships and cultivate new interests. All you have to do is step outside your door to find your next book club, exercise your green thumb, or even plan a fun trip with friends through our onsite travel agency.

We believe that mental health is one of the most important aspects of aging well. Our residents have access to BrainFit, a personalized cognitive wellness program. Research-backed and game-based, BrainHQ by Posit Science is fun and engaging while improving the cognitive health of its users. Through sensory therapies like art, music, and horticulture therapy, our residents actively engage in their surroundings, embracing purpose and joy in a new chapter of life.

Treeo South Ogden is now accepting new residents. Contact us today to schedule your tour and make your retirement dreams a reality. A life of wellness is waiting!


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