MacKenzie Place - Fort Collins Transportation Services
MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins offers life-enhancing and hospitality-based independent living, assisted living, and memory care services in Fort Collins, CO. With personalized concierge service and high-end amenities, our residents can fully embrace a new age of senior living. Take a closer look at our services and amenities and how transportation services are helping residents...
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Stroke Prevention at MacKenzie Place - Fort Collins
MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins senior living takes every opportunity to educate residents and families about senior health. Because strokes are prevalent in seniors and because the minutes and hours after stroke symptoms appear are crucial to recovery, it is important to recognize the signs of a stroke and know what to do if someone...
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According to the National Health Care Association, more than 800,000 Americans reside in assisted living. These residents live largely independently, only needing assistance for a few activities of daily living. More than care, lifestyle may be a driving factor in leading a senior to community living. Take a closer look at why more seniors are...
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For decades, U.S. News and World Report rankings have been a trusted source for consumers in identifying the best hospitals, mutual funds, cars, colleges, nursing homes, and more. Now, U.S. News and World Report has identified the best independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities. We are proud to say that 38 of our...
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Leisure Care communities, like Mackenzie Place – Fort Collins, are vibrant and active communities where seniors live life to the fullest. With fun ways to stay active and healthy, MacKenzie Place is helping seniors to avoid common pitfalls of aging, like falls. Falls are common and costly among seniors, with nearly one in four seniors...
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June marks Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins offers free dementia virtual tours to spread awareness about the disease. Learn more about how dementia affects seniors and how MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins senior living supports those affected by the disease.  Did you know that nearly 6 million people in...
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Thriving in Assisted Living at MacKenzie Place - Fort Collins
Knowing when to make the transition to assisted living can be a challenging decision, and it can be hard to have that conversation with aging loved ones, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to talk to start the conversation with a loved one and how assisted living services can help seniors live the...
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’Tis the season for cookies and cakes! MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins residents and staff have been enjoying the season with special treats! Learn more about how MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins residents are celebrating the season and how baking can benefit mental health. We know that baking is fun and yields yummy treats, but...
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Established in 2011, July 24 marks International Self-Care Day, focusing on the awareness and importance of self-care, empowering people with the knowledge and ability to be actively participating in their own health and wellness. Learn more about practicing self-care, why it is important for older adults, and how seniors at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins...
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5 Ways to Connect with Someone who has Dementia
July 30 marks International Friendship Day, a day to celebrate the value and meaning of friends in our lives. Declared by the United Nations to be July 30, many countries also have their own National Friendship Day, which is August 2 in the United States. Learn more about celebrating International Friendship Day and developing friendships...
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