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Going Above and Beyond at The Landing of O’Fallon


Alissa Sauer

Leisure Care team members are accustomed to going above and beyond for our residents. Now, more than ever, we know that our residents and our families need our loving care. We are proud of our team at The Landing of O’Fallon assisted living and memory care community who consistently goes the extra mile to ensure residents and their families get the care they need with a whole lotta heart.

One family wrote to us to share their experience with the staff at The Landing of O’Fallon:

Good Evening Ann,

 The news is filled with deplorable conditions in nursing facilities all over the country and tonight even in Missouri.

It is especially important that we share the following SHOUT OUTS with you regarding the Landing staff that we have been able to witness going above and beyond during our window visits with my Mom.

Teresa Miller, RN on several occasions was straightening up my Mom’s apartment.  That was so HUGE.  I didn’t ask her~ she just did it.  I actually had tears streaming down my face as it is so important to me that my Mom not be living in clutter as it truly increases anxiety especially with Alzheimer’s disease.  We cannot thank Teresa enough for her kindness and compassion she extended to my Mom. Teresa was all heart in her actions that mean more to us than she will ever know!! These are the things I would be doing on daily visits if we were allowed to visit.

In another window visit, Paul came into check on my Mom and take her dinner order.  Even with his mask on you could tell he was smiling by his eyes.  He had a friendly wave and greeting for my Mom and our family. This pandemic hasn’t changed him at all~ he is still the same kind, genuine and caring individual he was prior.  Paul was instrumental in helping her return a phone call to us as well.

Another day we were speaking to Mom on the  phone and my Mom reported she had just gotten up and hadn’t had breakfast and she would have to miss it.  That didn’t sound right to me so I asked her if I could speak to a staff member wearing blue.  Sandy came to the phone and was able to share with my Mom that she wasn’t going to miss breakfast and she would make sure she ate.  That was incredibly reassuring to my Mom! We were very grateful Sandy intervened.

Three days in a row, we saw Sue (from activities) offer my Mom ice cream with chocolate sauce, the next day a choice of one of two cakes, and yesterday a smoothie.  (My sister said Sue assisted my Mom with a zoom call yesterday as well which she was very grateful to have. ) Although, we couldn’t be in the same room my Mom was able to enjoy her snack with me.  Today marks six weeks since our family has been able to share a meal together!  It has been so hard as we ate multiple meals as a family together each week.

Shout outs also to Nicole Dotson and Katia  assisting with zoom calls with my sister and helping my Mom return a call to my family.

Shout outs to Nicole and I am betting the activity staff (and anyone else helping) with the family picture poster project.  An awesome idea~ I know my Mom is going to love it and the other residents will too!

Shout outs to Holly, Francine, Samantha and Janet for fielding not just our family’s phone calls but all the families missing their beloved family member.

I miss my Mom so much it breaks my heart in half.  Like the saying goes, “To the world you are one person; but to one person you are the world!” My Mom is “our world!”  We are incredibly grateful for all the staff caring for our Mom/ Grandma.

With Gratitude,

Linda, Hannah, Wyatt & Nancy

Visit our Facebook page or request a virtual tour to learn more about how The Landing of O’Fallon is serving residents and their families with a whole lotta heart. 


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