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Community Connections: Treeo Orem


Alissa Sauer

At Leisure Care, we know that our communities are vital components of a larger community. They play an important role in their local towns and cities, engaging in the larger world around them and doing what they can to make the world a better place. Through this blog, we are excited to share with you how our communities are impacting their own communities for good.

Treeo Orem Meets Larger Community Needs

Treeo Orem, located in Orem, Utah, is involved with the local community in a variety of ways. Providing an opportunity to work closely with children and adults who have Autism has proven to be a defining moment for the community, impacting not only the special needs person and their families, but also enriching the lives of the Treeo Orem staff and residents.

In Utah, 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with Autism, higher than the national average (1 in 68). Treeo works year round with an organization called Kids on the Move, helping parents and children with Autism. Through their work with Kids on the Move, they were introduced to another organization called Uwork. Uwork is a customized employment program that works with various companies to find gainful employment for young adults who have Autism, helping them to understand the value of working with others, spending and saving money wisely, and ultimately, increasing self-esteem.

It’s Better to Give Than to Receive

It was through this organization that Greg came to work at Treeo Orem. Greg is 21 years old and has become a source of joy and delight for staff and residents at the community. He is easy to work with and willing to work hard. Greg works as a dishwasher at the community for 20 hours a week. Treeo Orem says that having him work with them has brought them so much joy,

“Greg started working with us as a dishwasher working 10am-2pm, 5 days a week. Little did we know then how it would change the lives of us here at Treeo! He has brought so much love and laughter into the community.  It truly has been a positive impact on us here at Treeo and we are blessed to have Greg as a part of our team.”

Treeo Orem knows firsthand that giving back often means getting more than you give and says that helping those who need a hand makes their community a better place to work and to live. As for Greg, he is enjoying his time at Treeo Orem and says,

“Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, all I see is Autism. Working here makes me happy and I sometimes forget that I have Autism.”

Our independent living and assisted living communities are proud to be integral parts of their local neighborhoods. Contact us today to see how our residents and communities are making a positive difference in the world.

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