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Finding Warmth at Fairwinds – Redmond


Alissa Sauer

Winter is officially in full swing. With the beautiful snowfalls and cozy winter nights can come treacherous conditions with ice-covered roads, gray days affecting our moods, senior isolation, and more. Residents at Fairwinds Redmond can greet the season knowing their needs will be met in our community where they are warm and well cared for. Learn more about the benefits of moving to a senior living community during the winter.

Protected from the Elements in Senior Living

When you think of winter, it’s comforting to think of warm fireplaces, hot drinks, cozy blankets, and beautiful snowfalls. However, for many seniors, winter can be treacherous. Road conditions can make driving hazardous, falling temperatures can lead to ice-covered sidewalks leading to falls, and all of this can create a fear that drives seniors to isolate themselves in their homes. At Fairwinds – Redmond, we offer independent living and assisted living services that encourage residents to enjoy the best of winter without worrying about the elements.

“I am just so glad to know that I don’t have to be out in this snow. It’s wonderful to know that my children don’t have to worry about me.” – Judy P., resident at Fairwinds – Redmond

5 Tips to Living Better than Ever in Winter

Our residents have access to signature services and amenities that can help keep them warm during the cold weather. These tips can help seniors live better than ever – even in the winter.

1. Stay off the roads

When the snow comes, and you know it will in Redmond, do your best to stay off the roads. Consider a grocery delivery service, ask a friend or neighbor for help, or plan ahead as much as possible. For residents at Fairwinds – Redmond, we offer transportation, and personal shopping services that can get residents to appointments the needed and provide their needs are met for when weather hits.

2. Avoid ice

Our residents have all the comforts of home within the Fairwinds – Redmond community. We have trash removal, housekeeping services, an onsite restaurant, and even a fitness center that can keep you healthy even in bad weather.

3. Focus on health and nutrition

Our onsite RedSky Restaurant features a world-class chef and provides three nutritious (and delicious!) meals per day to ensure our residents eat healthy even when getting to the grocery store is difficult.

4. Continue medical care

Don’t let the winter weather stop you from refilling medications or seeing your medical care provider. We offer around-the-clock care for residents so that they do not miss a beat when the weather strikes. Our caregivers are available 24/7 for residents, helping with everything from basic personal hygiene to complex medication management and more.

5. Stay connected!

One of the biggest dangers of winter is isolation. Senior isolation can be devastating, leading to poor physical and mental health. Residents at Fairwinds – Redmond are part of a strong community of friends and enjoy an active and varied social calendar that keeps them engaged (and inside!) during the winter months.

Fairwinds – Redmond can help seniors navigate the winter weather successfully. Now is the time to make the move to senior living and enjoy the winter weather from the comfort of Fairwinds – Redmond! Contact us today to schedule your tour. We can’t wait to welcome you home!


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