Celebrating Easter at Canfield Place

Celebrating Easter at Canfield Place

At Canfield Place, we believe in celebration. We celebrate our residents, our staff, and our community in a way that is fun, engaging, and empowering. Learn more about how Canfield Place celebrated Easter with residents, staff, and a local Girl Scout Troupe.

To celebrate Easter, Canfield Place hosted an Easter Egg Hunt and celebration for a new Girl Scout Troupe of Beaverton and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of residents. The celebration also included a delicious brunch, games, and prizes. It was very fun for our residents to watch the children hurriedly hunt for eggs throughout the community! After the hunt, children and residents played a variety of Easter-themed games including guessing how many Cadbury Eggs were in the jar, and Peeps on a Spoon. At the end of the event, the Girl Scouts provided each resident with a special present.

“Oh, just watching all the little girls search for eggs brought back such happy memories from my childhood!” – Eileen Spittler

“Watching the girls play Peeps on a Spoon was especially great fun! They were so excited about it along with the other games we played!” – Patricia Fisher

On Sunday, the Canfield Place dining room was transformed into a beautiful spring celebration for an Easter Brunch that included our residents and their family and friends. With colorful tulips, delicious food, and the champagne flowing, we couldn’t help but revel in the wonderful holiday.


We love to celebrate the holidays with our residents, helping them to create meaningful memories and intentional relationships with those around them. We’d love for you to join us for our next celebration! Stop by Canfield Place today and join the fun!

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