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A Legacy of Community at Treeo Raleigh


Alissa Sauer

Treeo Raleigh independent living community in Raleigh, NC, just celebrated its third anniversary. Three residents who have been here since the beginning shared their experiences and discussed why they chose Treeo Raleigh, how that choice has improved their lives, and what they love most about living here.

Anne was one of Treeo Raleigh’s very first residents. She chose Treeo Raleigh because we were a newer community and so she wouldn’t feel like the new resident; instead, everyone was new, and she had a chance to make friends. She also liked our location, our pricing, and our appearance. Additionally, her family felt confident that this was the right place after meeting our experienced team members. Since moving here, Anne feels like her life has become exponentially easier. She has exchanged yard work, cleaning, grocery shopping, and home repairs for card games and trips to the local gardens, museums, and farmer’s markets. Her favorite thing about living here is the beautiful flower boxes and the kind, gracious, and helpful people.

Dave and Sherry were among the first residents to move into Treeo Raleigh. They chose to move to Treeo because of the friendly people and the affordable pricing. They also liked that we are a diverse group with residents from all over the country. They enjoy the variety of meal choices and the friendly and helpful staff, remarking that they felt well taken care of during the pandemic with socially distant activities and a fun afternoon snack cart each day. They have benefitted from our once physical and occupational therapy services as well. Since moving here, Dave and Sherry have started a staff holiday fund to reward hardworking staff members yearly. They take great pride in putting this together, and it brings many residents together in a common cause to appreciate the helpful staff.

There are many reasons our residents choose to call Treeo Raleigh home, but ultimately, it comes down to the people. Our community-based culture and resident experience are unparalleled. We are now accepting new residents into our independent living community. Contact Treeo Raleigh today to schedule your tour and live smart, modern, and connected!



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