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Pauline’s Life of Adventure at Leisure Care

Pauline Swimming with Dolphins with Leisure Care

Alissa Sauer


Standing at a petite 4’ 6”, Pauline Livingston moves through life as if she were six feet tall. No reservations, no cares, certainly not scared of adventure. If someone challenges her, or when she challenges herself, she rises to the occasion.

Life as a farmer’s wife had challenges all its own for Pauline, but once free from the corn and soybean fields and livestock responsibilities, she and her husband John moved closer to one of their daughters, and now reside at Fairwinds – River’s Edge in St. Charles, Missouri.

In her five years here, Pauline says, “I’ve taken on many exciting adventures with the philosophy that there’s no better time than the present.”

“I’ve taken on many exciting adventures with the philosophy that there’s no better time than the present.”

Not only has Pauline zip-lined in Illinois, sledded down the snowy hills where her family lives in Kansas City, and flown in a hot-air balloon with the Wish Come True campaign, she’s also conquered something she’s always feared: the water. About two years ago, Pauline took swimming lessons at Fairwinds to help her overcome that fear, and she’s happy that she can now submerge herself without the dread she’d always felt.

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Pauline getting ready to swim with dolphinsPauline and her daughters getting ready to swim with dolphins on their Caribbean cruise.

Pauline and her three daughters took a cruise of the Western Caribbean in January 2015, visiting Belize and other exotic locations before ending up in Cozumel, where she had the opportunity of a lifetime: to swim with the dolphins. Two years ago she wouldn’t have dared do it, but swimming classes helped her feel confident in being able to stay afloat and stay safe in the water.

“The water was a little rough, but the dolphin came up and kissed me on the nose,” Pauline recalls with a giggle. She wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on that wonderful experience for anything. Pauline continues to enjoy her newfound love of the water by swimming and enjoying the pool with her great-granddaughters.

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