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Inspirational Fitness at Fairwinds – Redmond

Fairwinds Redmond Primefit

Alissa Sauer

At Fairwinds – Redmond we know that a key element of healthy aging is fitness. We are proud to offer our residents PrimeFit, a nationally branded fitness program focused specifically on meeting the needs of seniors while making fitness FUN!

fairwinds-redmond-primefit-resident-and-coachPrimeFit encourages residents to stay active and engaged with fitness activities like water aerobics, recreational sports, walking programs, and strength training. Residents choose from either group fitness or personal training depending on their own goals.

Toni Underwood is one of our many residents that takes advantage of all that PrimeFit has to offer. Toni is 98 years young and meets regularly with her PrimeFit coach Kelly Fennelly. They meet three times per week and workouts include pull-ups, pushups, and squats.

Despite her age and vision loss, Toni maintains her active lifestyle at Fairwinds – Redmond. She just returned from a safari in Africa and says that she really enjoys all that living at Fairwinds offers. She says,

“I am really happy and I enjoy what I’m doing with Kelly. I enjoy my interaction with other guests here.”

With over 160 residents living at Fairwinds – Redmond, coach Kelly Fennelly actively recruits as many as possible to participate in PrimeFit. While acknowledging the physical benefits of exercise, Kelly says there is more to PrimeFit than just exercise.

“Just the social aspect of it really is important too. There’s a big amount of depression in this age group. I see [exercising] as a social thing, being able to hang out with our neighbors in the community, and get healthy.”

Come and see what healthy senior living really looks like at Fairwinds – Redmond! Stop by today and drop in on a group fitness class. We’d love to see you! 

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