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Protecting and Connecting Residents at Woodland Terrace


Alissa Sauer

resident-letter-woodland-terraceThe staff at Leisure Care communities are working around the clock to connect and protect residents. Two residents at Woodland Terrace independent living recently sent a letter of thanks to our team who does whatever it takes! 

Dear Karl and Staff at Woodland Terrace,

We wish to express our thanks to you for all the exemplary work you are doing to keep all the residents safe and well in this unprecedented time of worry. We are really happy that we chose Woodland Terrace for our retirement living and believe that you are truly wonderful people. It is so comforting to know that, from the beginning of the crisis, you have been on top of the situation and have kept us informed. It is a good feeling to know that your team at Leisure Care and you coordinate as well as you do and that you regularly pass on all information to us, the residents. Knowledge is power and we like feeling a part of the loop of information.

We have noticed that the quality of the food is up to its same usual high standards, even though it is served to us on paper plates instead of Woodland Terrace china in the dining room. We appreciate the good food choices you give us and also the continuing polite service that the wait staff gives us at our doors. Somehow, you have made us feel part of the Woodland Terrace team instead of under quarantine and lockdown. It makes us want to follow the necessary rules to get this virus under control, however long it takes. We are lucky that both of us have family close who can help us get groceries and get around to doctor visits, but Woodland Terrace has a system in place for those who do not have family close and we appreciate that you do help those residents.

We are also aware of and appreciate all the extra cleaning you are doing all over the building. Every employee we have met has continued to be cheerful, friendly, and so helpful as we all navigate these uneasy waters. The front desk staff is calm and patient at all times even though we may ask for the same information again and again. We truly appreciate all of you.


Jim Noid and Alison McClelland


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