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Assisted Living Services in Seattle


Alissa Sauer

Today’s assisted living communities are vibrant and engaging communities where seniors can receive the services they need to thrive. Making the decision to move to senior living can be difficult. It can be hard to know when it’s time to leave a family home for an assisted living community. The good news is that on the other end of that decision is an awesome new chapter just waiting to get started.

Explore modern assisted living services in downtown Seattle, WA, and see how the assisted living at Murano Senior Living may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

What is an Assisted Living Community?

Assisted living communities offer a wide range of senior care services including independent living and memory care. Communities that offer this range of senior services are known as continuing care communities, ready to accept residents where they are and adapt to new levels of care as needed.

Residents in assisted living benefit from several amenities. Offering residents a carefree lifestyle free of yard work, home maintenance, laundry services, and more, many seniors in assisted living with they had made the move earlier. Because assisted living services can be tailored and customized, residents receive what they need when they need them. Care plans are regularly reviewed so that care and independence are balanced in a way that encourages and empowers residents.

Typically, residents in assisted living receive assistance with bathing, dressing, mobility, continence, dining, eating, personal grooming, and other activities of daily living. Today’s assisted living communities are so much more than a place where seniors receive help. Instead, they offer a true sense of belonging for seniors who need assistance to live independently and better than ever through retirement.

How do You Know it’s Time to Move to Assisted Living?

Making the decision to move to assisted living can be difficult. It may mean leaving a family home, packing up decades of belongings, and in many cases, both. However, moving to assisted living can bring great freedom and independence. Here are some signs that it may be time to move to assisted living.

1. An increased desire for community

A lack of community leading to chronic loneliness and feelings of isolation can be devastating to the health and wellness of seniors. More than just occasional feelings of loneliness, isolation has been linked to depression, an increased risk of dementia, and unhealthy behaviors.

2. A desire for less financial obligations

Living on your own comes with a lot of bills. There are yard maintenance bills, home maintenance bills, mortgages, home insurance — the list feels endless. It can be hard to keep up with bills but moving to an assisted living community ends all of that. Many communities are all-inclusive so one bill will include the majority of living expenses.

3. Growing tired of home management

Many seniors live in the same homes where they raised their children. These homes have a lifetime of memories and those are incredibly valuable and important. But, it can also be difficult to keep up with the needs of home over time. Pipes need to be replaced, kitchens need to be updated, bathrooms need to be cleaned. In assisted living, residents let someone else handle the home maintenance (and the cleaning).

4. Increased feelings of safety and security

More than 70 million Americans aged 50 and over have at least one chronic condition. This can put seniors who live alone at risk for a decline in health, an increase in frailty, and even personal hygiene issues that can lead to more health issues. In assisted living, a well-trained and compassionate staff is available around the clock, giving medical oversight and access to residents when they need it.

Benefits of Assisted Living in Seattle

While these are all signs that it’s time to make the move to assisted living, seniors thinking about moving can move into senior living at any time. Often, residents at Murano Senior Living find that moving to senior living is something they wish they had done earlier! There are some awesome benefits to assisted living in Seattle. Get ready for your next chapter, it’s going to be great.

1. Find your people

We know that finding a true sense of community can be difficult. Maybe your children have moved away. Maybe your neighbors have already moved into senior living. Whatever the reason, everyone needs community. At Murano Senior Living in downtown Seattle, your tribe is waiting. Move into a ready-made community with new friends and new adventure just around the corner.

2. Let life revolve around you

This is your retirement and at Murano Senior Living, it’s all about you. Your medication schedule, your next fitness class, your meals – it’s all about you and your wants and needs. Assisted living in Seattle brings all the benefits and amenities of big city life while giving residents the quiet and calm of Seattle’s parks and natural beauty. No matter if you prefer a quiet day on Lake Washington or exploring Seattle’s foodie scene, it’s time to leave your cares behind and retire better than ever.

3. Focus on fun

Sure, assisted living is a place where you receive care services, but at Murano Senior Living in Seattle, it’s all given with a healthy dose of fun. Fun is an important component of aging. Here, assisted living services are the background to your retirement, and fun and independence take center stage. Senior living communities in Seattle offer a perfect balance of adventure, fun, and peace – bringing you the life you want when you want it. 

4. Eat well — Live well

It’s hard to beat Seattle restaurants. Home to several world-famous chefs, Seattle is the perfect place to eat well and live well. Murano Senior Living Community in downtown Seattle has two onsite restaurants featuring locally-sourced ingredients, a rooftop bar, in-room dining, and more, meals truly become an experience. More than capable of meeting a variety of nutritional needs and preferences, our chefs are experts at what they do, making your meals an art form.

5. Invest in your future

Overall, moving into Murano Senior Living in Seattle is an investment in your future. It’s time to be rewarded for a lifetime of work and dedication. It’s time to put away the yard work and home maintenance. Let someone else handle the laundry. It’s time to invest in your future and to make the retirement you have been dreaming of a reality.

Quality Assisted Living in Seattle

When you think of assisted living, do you think of happy hours, skyline views, golf simulators, challenging fitness classes, and travel in an urban setting? What about sustainability, where senior living actually improves air quality and the surrounding environment promotes health in seniors, along with fresh air, proper ventilation, and green space? If that’s not what comes to mind, you have not seen Seattle’s finest senior living.

Located ideally in the First Hill neighborhood, Murano Senior Living offers premier assisted living services in Seattle, WA. Near a vibrant downtown scene and boasting views of Mt. Rainer, residents in assisted living enjoy the best of Seattle while also receiving the assisted living services they need. Spend the day on Lake Washington or try out Seattle’s best coffee shops – it’s all just around the corner.

We know that part of living carefree means knowing your needs are met, even as they change. Our flexible assisted living services can be added at any time and in any apartment. With extensive assisted living care options ranging from dining assistance to medication management and more, the staff at Murano Senior Living has your back around the clock.

“The team that works here at Murano Senior Living could not be better. They always make you feel at home. The food is excellent with a good variety usually paired with good wine, and specialty drinks. I love the ongoing music and entertainment they have for us. The staff always has kind words letting us know they are here to help.” – Murano Senior Living resident

Murano Senior Living offers seven levels of customizable assisted living service. For residents who require the highest level of assistance, we have a dedicated dining room, living room, and amenity spaces on the third floor. Assisted living fees are in addition to the monthly rent and are based upon an assessment of individual needs and preferences. Our staff will conduct an evaluation of services on a regular basis and as needed.

Assisted living services at Murano Senior Living include:

  • Three meals daily
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Local scheduled transportation
  • All utilities (except private telephone)
  • Expanded basic cable TV
  • Social and recreational programs
  • Routine apartment maintenance
  • Complimentary laundry facilities
  • 24-hour emergency communication system
  • Daily resident check
  • Coordination of care and oversight of well-being
  • Full-time RN on staff to direct and oversee care team
  • Staff available 24-hours a day
  • Access to temporary and unscheduled services from the care team

Learn more about Murano Senior Living’s extensive amenities and senior care services. It’s time to come home to the place where retirement and luxury playfully mingle. 


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