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Just like they have in every phase of life, Baby Boomers are redefining every phase of life. Now, as many boomers begin to hit their senior years, they are changing what it means to retire. According to a national survey of adult travelers conducted by the AARP, Baby Boomers travel more than previous generations, with most expecting to take four or five leisure trips this year. 49% of Boomers travel to relax and rejuvenate and nearly half of seniors plan to travel internationally with 1/3 of international travel being done on cruises – the second most popular international accommodation following a hotel.

Learn more about why cruises are a great travel option for seniors and get tips for planning your next cruise.

Why Do Seniors Love to Go on Cruises?

Cruises are a great option for seniors looking to find rest and relaxation with a touch of adventure. Cruising is a luxurious travel option and draws people of all ages aboard. Here are few reasons why seniors love to cruise.

  • The opportunity to see more than one country in one vacation
  • No hassle transportation as many cruises can also arrange airfare
  • Gourmet dining with a wide array of menu options
  • Adventurous excursions ranging from glacier hiking to surfing or scuba diving
  • Broadway-style shows onboard
  • Games and activities
  • Upfront costs with most expenses accounted for before embarkation
  • Medical care available as most cruises have doctors aboard
  • Relaxing days at sea

6 Tips for Planning a Cruise as a Senior

Cruises are fun and easy, but they still require a bit of advanced planning. Consider these important aspects of travel to make a cruise with senior loved ones a trip to remember – for all the right reasons.

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1. Duration

If it’s your first time cruising, consider booking a shorter vacation and seeing how you like it. Trying a three or four-night cruise first is a great way to test the waters. If you enjoy it, a longer cruise may be in your future.

2. Notify the staff

When you book your cruise, let the cruise line know if you will have any special needs. Cruise ships are accessible to people with disabilities and being open about what you will need will help set everyone up for success. There are some staterooms with wider doors, bathrooms with a roll-in shower, and even some with automatic entry doors. As long as the staff knows your needs, they can most likely accommodate you.

3. Book early

Booking early can help guarantee adjoining or adjacent rooms so you can be near your loved one. It also offers the most flexibility for booking length and trip destinations so that you can find a cruise that meets your needs and budget.

4. Take advantage of priority boarding

Make things easy for yourself and your loved one by taking advantage of priority boarding (and the extra assistance that comes with it). This is another good time to let the cruise staff know your needs, and a great way to help them help you make your trip go smoothly.

5. Select activities in advance

Cruises have a wide array of activities onboard and onshore. From dance classes and wine tastings onboard to Iditarod racing and sightseeing onshore, sit down with your traveling group and decide when to do what when. Think through what you will enjoy most, making the most of your vacation time.

6. Plan meals

Dining is a huge part of cruising and most cruise ships have several restaurants with different menus. Some cruises only open restaurants at certain times to be sure you and your traveling companions are well prepared to cover times then dining is not available. Also, don’t hesitate to let the staff know if you have any dietary restrictions.

With a range of ports of call, excursions, cuisine, adventure, and leisure, a cruise offers something for everyone, making it a great option for multigenerational travel. Think a cruise may be the next vacation for you and your family? Contact Travel by Leisure Care today to get your dream cruise vacation planned! From Alaskan cruises to Caribbean cruises and everywhere in between we can help make your cruise experience a dream come true.

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Retirement should feel like you’re on a permanent vacation which is exactly why our communities celebrate freedom from obligation, helping you pursue new interests.

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Retirement should feel like you're on a permanent vacation which is exactly why our communities celebrate freedom from obligation, helping you pursue new interests.

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