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Heritage Estates Hosts Community Fall Prevention and Safety Seminar
Falls can pose a huge threat to senior health and independence causing hospitalization, hip fractures, brain injuries, and more. Preventing falls in and around the home becomes increasingly important with age. That’s why Heritage Estates is partnering with a local physical therapist to host a fall prevention and safety seminar. Learn more about the seriousness...
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10 Important Things to Know About Senior Living
You’ve seen the signs. You know it’s time to make a move to a place that can manage needs, handle housework, cancel yard work, and make every day an adventure. Assisted living communities are a senior living option for adults who want to balance independence and assistance – receiving some assistance with activities of daily...
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Investing in Future Senior Care Leaders Fairwinds - Spokane
Fairwinds Spokane is proud to partner with Washington State University – School of Hospitality Business Management and introduce the upcoming generation of hospitality professions to a retirement experience done right. Learn more about a recent visit the class took to Fairwinds – Spokane and why we are committed to investing in the future of senior care....
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Senior Care Comparison: Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Homes
When it comes to finding senior care, today’s options are limitless. From independent living to skilled nursing care, today’s senior living industry offers a plethora of lifestyles. We are here to help you sort through the options and find the best community for you and your loved one. Two of the most common types of...
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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes
Clarence Gibelhouse, affectionately known as “Curly” is a resident at Russellville Park. Curly is a World War II Veteran who has a heart of gold and has taken his commitment to service from the front lines to his life in assisted living. We are excited to share Curly’s story of service to our country, his...
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Alzheimers and Dementia: What's the Difference?
Alzheimer’s and dementia are two terms often used interchangeably to describe a condition with symptoms that include memory loss and cognitive impairment. While the two conditions are connected, the two terms are actually quite different and understanding the differences between the two is important for people living with the disease, family members, caregivers, and medical...
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The Landing of Stow Prepares Residents for Active Shooter Scenario
The Landing of Stow is partnering with the Stow Police Department and the SWAT Team to educate the community on surviving an active shooter incident. Unfortunately, knowing what to do when faced with an active shooter is becoming increasingly necessary. Please join us for this important and engaging presentation. Active Shooter Training: Preparedness in Chaos...
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Top 8 Benefits of Assisted Living
Making the move to assisted living can feel intimidating, overwhelming, and just plain hard. It can mean going through decades of household items, saying goodbye to a family home, and the end of a chapter. It is also is the beginning of an awesome new journey with new opportunities and new adventures waiting each day....
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What to Expect After Moving to Senior Living
Time to take a deep breath in. And let it go. Ahhh. The move is over. You have chosen the best senior living community for your loved one. You have spent countless hours going through countless boxes and making countless piles. You have carefully selected items and household decor to include in your loved one’s...
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