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At The Landing of Towamencin senior living in Lansdale, PA, we know that families need flexibility and options in senior care. That’s why we provide a range of senior living options including personal care and memory care. Learn more about our care services and how we provide residents and their families with the flexibility they need in uncertain times.

Residents at The Landing of Towamencin enjoy flexible care services in independent living, personal care and memory care. We know that aging parents often need different levels of care, and we are here to meet both of their needs.

Two of our newest residents are a married couple who have both been diagnosed with dementia. They were living apart because one dementia had progressed further than the other. Seeking a solution where they could be together, the family decided to move to The Landing of Towamencin with one receiving personal care services and the other receiving memory care services. Over the course of a few weeks, the decision was made to ‘reunite’ the couple in Opal, our signature memory care program. Now, both residents are enjoying an appropriate level of care with engaging activities and events. The family is overjoyed to know that their parents are together and getting the care they need.

“He really never enjoyed activities before, but now that he is in Opal, he engages with the activities and also enjoys seeings his wife have a good time!”

We know that times are challenging and seeking for senior care can be difficult. But, The Landing of Towamencin is your trusted and compassionate partner in care. Because our care services are a la carte, you get the services you need, when you need them. We are flexible in our approach but unwavering in our standards. Contact The Landing of Towamencin today for a virtual consult and to learn more.


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