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Summer Activities with Grandchildren

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Alissa Sauer

School is out for summer! For many grandparents that means regular visits from grandchildren or even extended periods of time together. With warmer weather, longer days, and fewer obligations make summer the perfect time to forge bonds with grandchildren. Here are some ideas to keep the fun going all summer long!

7 Ways to Enjoy Summer with Grandchildren

1. Plan a vacation

Today’s seniors are more active and traveling more than ever. A survey from AARP found that Baby Boomers expect to take four or five leisure trips within the next year. 57% of respondents said they wanted to travel to spend more time with family and friends. Consider combining rest and relaxation with family time by taking your grandchildren on a trip this summer! Traveling with grandchildren brings the opportunity to create unique memories, bring families together across geographical distances, and can create a lasting legacy forged by unique travel experiences.

2. Visit a museum

If the summer is too hot to be safely outside, visit a local museum to cool off and stay entertained. Some museums will have special events throughout the summer, like a regular craft time or a concert series for children. Children’s museums often have discounted rates for youth and seniors and are specifically designed to be educational and fun for all generations.

3. See a movie

Seeing a movie is another way to stay out of the summer sun. Movie theaters across the country have summer matinees that show children’s movies at a discounted rate. Summer blockbusters and classic favorites are shown in the middle of the day and some theaters even turn down the volume, off free snacks, and leave some lights on to make younger children more comfortable.

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4. Start a garden

Starting and tending a garden together is another great summer activity for grandchildren. Research what you want to plant, what you need to plant it, and how it should be taken care of. Then, after you see the fruits of your labor, plan a fun dinner with ingredients from your very own garden!

5. Join a summer reading program at your library

Community libraries around the country have summer reading programs for children and adults. Join one with your grandchild and make regular trips to your library for activities and prizes! Reading programs have a theme and often include events and crafts, plus a summer kickoff event.

6. Visit a National Park

National Parks cover a whopping 84.6 million acres of the United States but are often overlooked when planning vacations. If you live near a National Park (or even if you don’t) consider exploring one with your grandchildren. With a heavily discounted pass for seniors that includes admission for accompanying passengers, visiting a National Park is a great way to see stunning natural wonders and take advantage of the summer with grandchildren.

6.  Make a scrapbook

Don’t forget to record all your summer adventures with a scrapbook! This is something you could do together or you could surprise your grandchild with a gift at the end of the summer. Either way, it’s a great way to remember your summer adventures!

How do you plan on spending the summer with your grandchildren? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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