Van Mall’s White Water Rafting Adventure

At Van Mall, we are always up to something fun! Here, senior living challenges stereotypes and brings fun and adventure every day. Learn more about our recent outing to Seventh Mountain Resort where residents enjoyed lunch, white water rafting, and dinner!

Van Mall residents recently had the day of a lifetime in Bend, Oregon. Our annual trip is always a highlight of the year and brings so much joy to residents and staff alike. Our residents enjoyed a delicious lunch, an exhilarating white water rafting trip down the Deschutes River, and dinner.

“Another amazing white water rafting trip!” – Abby, concierge at Van Mall

“Very enjoyable! I am not an easily excitable person, so when I saw that was a good time, it is high praise! I will definitely be going again next year!” – David Kooken, Van Mall Resident

A huge thank you to Abby and Jeanette for arranging and participating in this amazing trip! We would love for you to stop by Van Mall and learn how our unique approach to senior living brings fun and adventure to everyday life!


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