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Read reviews and testimonials from residents and family members for Van Mall senior living, a Leisure Care community.

“Part of what makes Van Mall unique is what I call its “family feel”. Because I myself served in a number of these kinds of centers, I know from experience both how rare and important that is. Another unique feature that sets Van Mall apart is staff loyalty. I was encouraged to learn how many of the staff on every level began as dining hall servers, for example. Some of the staff have worked here “forever”. The reason is a simple one. They like what they experience here. It is less of a job and more of an opportunity to make new friends. When our program supervisor was married, she chose Van Mall’s courtyard and us residents as her witnesses. “We love sharing our special day with some of our favorite people.” Another positive feature is the courtyard with its trees and shrubs and flowers, and the landscaping all around this community. Did I mention the food? I enjoy it also. Finally, Van Mall is financially more reasonable. That, too, is an important reason I am both pleased to be a resident here and pleased to share my unqualified recommendation with you.” –David S., resident

“My deepest thanks to you for arranging for a place to spend time with my granddaughter and my great-grandson last Friday. That was a very special time we had together. At 8 months old, he has grown and changed a lot since I last saw him three months ago! Thank you! You and your staff have done an outstanding job! We are healthy! Your staff has done an amazing job taking good care of us! My thanks to you and to all of them for their excellent care”Virginia V., resident

“Thank you for the nice card on my door. I appreciate what you do to make our lives a little nicer.”Muriel B., resident

“Thankful for the care that is given to us, and keeping us safe, and for all the employees for being caring, friendly, and courteous here at Van Mall Retirement.” – Jeannine M., resident

“Thank you for your part in getting our mom’s move arranged! She and we, her family will miss Van Mall, her friends and the staff there. My mom and my dad were very happy living there. Van Mall is a great retirement community with an incredible staff! All your staff should be proud of your work there and know what advocates you’ve been for our family members!” – Kathy, family member of resident

“My mom is in assisted living at Van Mall right now. It is really like being in a fancy hotel instead of a retirement place. They have multiple choices of food, not just two, and the dining room is like a restaurant with linen tablecloths. It’s a good place. They have more amenities and activities than any other place I visited. They have a little gym area with chair exercises and bikes, and there is somebody in there who can help you all day long. They have six to seven activities a day, like art and games.” – daughter of resident

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