Residents at The Carillon at Boulder Creek Make a Difference


The residents at The Carillon at Boulder Creek actively seek ways to give back to the larger Boulder community and make a positive impact on the world around them. Learn more about the meaningful contribution to Boulder Community Health (BCH) made by The Carillon at Boulder Creek resident Nancy Meise.

Nancy MeiseNancy Meise has been volunteering with Boulder Community Health for over 20 years. Impressed by the nursing staff caring for her husband, Nancy decided to get involved and volunteer with the hospital. Nancy now trains all the volunteers in the Cancer Care Center. It’s a great way to give back to the larger community while finding healing and peace for herself.

“Nancy is a force of good in our Boulder community.  She inspires people and comforts them in difficult time.  We should all aspire to be like her during this holiday season.”  Hillary Seidl

Nancy has been recognized by Boulder Community Health for her commitment. Given the Leo Hill Extraordinary Volunteer Award last spring, Nancy is making a positive impact in the lives of people and families going through a difficult time.

BCH acknowledges the recipients of the award saying,

“BCH volunteers are part of the fabric of our community hospital, giving warmth, smiles, information, and help to patients every day.”

Stop by The Carillon at Boulder Creek and meet some of our fantastic residents! We promise you’ll leave inspired!

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