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Class & Cobbler at The Landing of Stow

Class and Cobbler at The Landing of Stow

Alissa Sauer

The Landing of Stow is proud to present the new and improved monthly Class & Cobbler. Class & Cobbler is an up and coming presentation that includes not only an educated speaker discussing a different informative topic each month but also a delectable and savory cobbler.

At the Landing of Stow, we have a goal of filling minds with beneficial learning and stomachs with tantalizing sweets. What more could someone ask for? The chance to get to know your neighbor is not to be forgotten, as this is a wonderful opportunity to introduce yourself to someone new and create a lasting friend.

This month, we have chosen to focus our Class and Cobbler on the topic of “Wellness through the Senses and the Power of Meditation.” The purpose of this discussion is to aid an individual in understanding the variety of uses of our five senses. Functional advice regarding our five senses will also be discussed with practical information given on how to provide a positive sense of wellbeing in the day to day life. Lynn Hermensky from “Hospice of the Western Reserve” has agreed to partner up with our community, since she specializes in this particular topic, and we truly look forward to benefiting from the short hour spent with Lynn.

Please join us this month for our very first Class and Cobbler! It will be a special one! The event will be hosted at the Landing of Stow community located on the corner of Fischreek Rd. and Sowul Blvd. in Stow. You will be greeted at the front door by our concierge who will gladly take your coat and hat and hang them securely in our coat room. She will then guide you into our activities room, but that’s only if your nose doesn’t guide you first since the scent of a fresh-baked cobbler will be wafting through the community!

The event begins at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019, but please feel free to come a little bit earlier to mix n’ mingle with our team. We truly look forward to seeing you there and are anticipating a time to be remembered!

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