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Horticulture Therapy at The Landing of Lake Worth

The Landing Of Lake Worth Horticulture Therapy

Alissa Sauer

The Landing of Lake Worth senior living provides assisted living and memory care services to seniors living with dementia. As part of our holistic approach to memory care, our residents participate in horticulture therapy. Learn more about horticulture therapy for dementia and how gardening is more than a hobby at The Landing of Lake Worth.

Resident at The Landing of Lake Worth plants flowers The Landing of Lake Worth provides life-enhancing memory care to seniors living with dementia. As a Leisure Care community, our residents have access to Opal, Leisure Care’s signature approach to memory care. Just as every opal stone is different, so is every person living with dementia, even though they share a diagnosis. Our personalized approach to memory care treats each resident for the individual they are, acknowledging how personal preferences and behaviors can change as the disease progresses.

Benefits of Horticulture Therapy for People Living with Dementia

Our memory care program includes horticulture therapy, also known as gardening therapy.

Horticulture therapy is my favorite activity to do with the residents because they are the most engaged and genuinely the happiest!” – Hanna R., The Landing of Lake Worth employee

Gardening therapy is a purposeful activity for people of all ages, specifically for seniors living with dementia.

1. Horticulture therapy encourages sensory stimulation.

Gardening engages nearly all the senses, allowing seniors with dementia to fully engage in the activity. From touching dirt and seeds, smelling flowers, seeing their beauty, talking and listening with fellow gardeners, and ultimately tasting the garden’s herbs and vegetables, gardening is an excellent way for seniors with dementia to activate all their senses.

Memory care resident at The Landing of Lake Worth tends to garden2. Gardening requires little physical activity but may still improve mobility.

Gardening is a great activity for seniors with dementia because it can be adapted to meet people with physical limitations. Raised garden beds allow gardeners to remain seated while gardeners are still using their hands to cultivate dirt and plant seeds, keeping joints fluid and in motion.

3. Gardening provides seniors with a sense of purpose.

Gardening provides our residents with a true sense of purpose. It is always gratifying to see hard work pay off when we collect herbs and vegetables for our kitchen!

“I love seeing our Opal residents participate in horticulture therapy! You can see the joy in their eyes and the calmness it brings them. It is truly amazing to see.” – Kaylyn G., The Landing of Lake Worth employee

We understand how challenging it can be to care for a loved one who has dementia. As your partner in care, we help to share the stress of caregiving and even find a spark of joy with you in caring for your loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our senior care services, including assisted living and memory care, or join us for our next gardening class.


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