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Roseann Gibba and Norma Good have been friends for over 45 years. The two women have a lifetime of laughter and memories and continue their friendship as residents of The Landing of Silver Spring.

Norma and Roseann with Trena at The Landing of Silver SpringRoseann Gibba and Norma Good can’t remember exactly how they met. The truth is they have been a part of each other’s life for so long, and in so many meaningful ways, they are more like family than friends. They can, however, agree that they met at a social club in Georgetown over four decades ago. At the time, Norma was a young grandmother and would take her grandchildren to swim. Roseann was single, and Norma and her husband, Bob, welcomed Roseann into their family.

Hitting it off at the club, the three began participating in local outings through Prince George’s County, all then all over the east coast and the globe. Ocean City, Texas, California, a month in Italy; nothing was off-limits for these friends. Norma and her husband had a home in Ocean City where her husband would spend the summers, leaving Norma and Roseann to have adventures in the DC Metro Area. Even when the three of them would travel together, Bob would often encourage the two to go off and explore, especially after walking became more difficult for him.

“I’m here because of them. It’s been like a family. It’s been a very good part of my life.” – Roseann Gibba on her friendship with Bob and Norma Good

As time wore on, their friendship only grew, and they truly became a family. In fact, one time, Roseann wanted to buy a car, and Bob and Norma lent her the $1,000 for a down payment. Roseann teared up at this memory, saying, “Who has a friend that just gives them $1,000? I do.”

The two women are continuing their lifetime of friendship at The Landing of Silver Spring, doing puzzles, exercising, and visiting with family members that live nearby. They know they’ve had a long friendship, but aging is something that doesn’t bother them. When Norma is asked her age, she responded spritely, “I don’t know, and I don’t care!”

They know how fortunate they are to have each other, and The Landing of Silver Spring is fortunate they have chosen to spend their retirement here. Their life together is an excellent reminder of the beauty of friendship and of the people that enhance our lives.

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