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Looking Forward with Murano Senior Living

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Today’s older adults are seeking a new senior living experience, and Murano Senior Living is listening. As we acknowledge that opening a new chapter also means closing the last, we strive to create an environment where residents embrace joy, discover purpose, and find the most fulfilling, rewarding, and productive opportunities possible. Take a closer look at how Murano Senior Living is meeting older adults where they are, celebrating where they have been, and looking forward to a bright future together.

Residents at Murano Senior Living have led incredible lives. Poets, authors, community leaders, parents, teachers, and veterans are all important to life at Murano Senior Living. We celebrate their accomplishments, their contributions, and their life stories. We recognize that moving to a community does not mean losing individuality, and our services and amenities strive to maximize independence with the strength of a true community.

We balance honoring the past and looking forward to the future through amenities and services that encourage holistic wellness. Here, it’s all about celebrating the past to fuel appreciation of the present and joy for the future. Managed by Leisure Care and backed by nearly 50 years of senior living excellence, Murano Senior Living offers residents access to various signature programs that encourage social engagement, including PrimeFit Wellness.

This signature program takes a holistic approach to senior wellness, taking living well outside of the gym and bringing it into every aspect of the day. Murano Senior Living practices well-being and champions proactive wellness by meeting residents’ social, physical, mental, emotional, and communal health. Murano Senior Living has onsite PrimeFit Wellness instructors specializing in senior health and fitness. Their experience and individualized approach take senior wellness to a new level. Residents enjoy yoga, Balance Builders, group fitness classes, personal training opportunities, and BrainHQ, a research-backed and results-driven approach to cognitive and mental health.

Residents even have access to an onsite travel agency that specializes in senior travel. Travel by Leisure Care brings adventure to the everyday. From traveling a long overdue family reunion, a long-distance trip to Europe, or even a staycation in the local area, Travel by Leisure Care encourages the residents at Murano Senior Living to explore more.

A community in every sense of the word, Murano Senior Living offers a range of living services, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care, so residents do not need to relocate even if needs change over time. Here, the residents and staff are tight-knit, encouraging, and committed to each other. They are, simply put, everything you could want in a community. In all aspects of care, the team at Murano Senior Living promotes independence and respects privacy. Assisted living services are provided in the comfort of each resident’s apartment home. They are regularly reviewed so residents receive the care they need, even as those needs may change over time. The tenured staff at Murano Senior Living is available around the clock to assist when needed. Residents and families of residents have peace of mind knowing their loved one is receiving exceptional care from a team of well-trained, experienced caregivers and nurses.

Contact Murano Senior Living to schedule your tour and experience more life in retirement!


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