What You Need to Know About Powers of Attorney
Making financial and legal decisions for aging loved ones can be overwhelming for any caregiver. Knowing where to start and how to make those decisions can be complex and can come with heavy emotional stress. Having a power of attorney is one of the first steps to making important decisions with your loved one easier....
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The summer brings warmer weather, long days at the beach, afternoons at the pool, outdoor adventures, and a greater risk for dehydration. With the hotter temps, it’s crucial for seniors to stay hydrated for short-term and long-term health and wellness. Dehydration occurs when the body does not have enough water to function properly. When the...
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Alzheimers and Brain Awareness Month
June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, a month sponsored by The Alzheimer’s Association and set aside to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. Learn more about dementia, how Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month strives to fight it the disease, and meaningful ways you can contribute to the fight...
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Senior Living in North Carolina
North Carolina is making headlines as an up and coming place to retire, even earning some retirees moving there the nickname, “halfbacks” as retirees from Florida move halfway back home to the mid-Atlantic and mid-South states. Drawing people from all over the country with its beauty, stunning coastline, and southern hospitality, there’s a lot to...
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Clowning Around at Canfield Place
Canfield Place is dedicated to the larger community around them, and they prioritize giving back. They believe in purposefully contribute to the world around them in a meaningful way. And they did just that for Red Nose Day 2018. Learn how Canfield Place took advantage of Red Nose Day to use humor and optimism to...
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What are Half Backs?
When it comes to choosing a retirement location, Florida may be at the top of the list. With over 19% of the state population being over 65 years old, Florida is an obvious choice for retirement. With its white sandy beaches, world-class health care, and unparalleled senior services, there’s certainly a lot to love about...
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Sleep Tips for Sundowner's Syndrome
Sundowner’s Syndrome is often seen among people in mid to late stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. Characterized by confusion and disorientation around sunset, sundowning can create a cycle of stress and disruptive behaviors leading to less sleep for both caregivers and people living with the disease. Sundowning Syndrome and Dementia While...
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9 Reasons to Retire in Maryland
Maryland may be one of the smallest states in America, but it packs a lot to offer retirees. From the mountains in the west, to Atlantic Ocean beaches on the west, and rolling hills in between, Maryland offers retirees more options than nearly any other state. Benefits of Retiring in Maryland 1. Nearly 4,000 miles...
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Markham House Resident Empowers Women
Markham House, we encourage residents to make meaningful contributions to the world around them – whether it be investing in the senior living community itself, or getting involved in the larger local community. Meet Jewel Lansing, a Markham House resident who does both – and does it all well. Inspiring Women in Public Service Jewel...
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Retirement should feel like you're on a permanent vacation which is exactly why our communities celebrate freedom from obligation, helping you pursue new interests.

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