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Dine Well, Live Well at The Vero at Orange

Dining at The Vero at Orange

Alissa Sauer

Just like your home, the kitchen is the heart of the home at The Vero at Orange. We are taking the senior living dining experience to the next level with an in-house chef who is supported by a culinary team in our onsite restaurant. Take a closer look at how The Vero at Orange is reimagining the senior living dining experience.

At The Vero at Orange, we believe that living well starts with dining well. Dining is more than just about filling your belly; it’s about filling your soul, and the restaurant at The Vero at Orange serves up dishes that do just that. Here, dining is more than a meal. It’s a social outing where good friends come together over good food. In our dining room, plans are made and friendships are forged over meals that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Our independent living, assisted living, and memory care community is proud to be managed by Leisure Care, backed by their nearly 50 years of excellence in senior living. As a Leisure Care community, we provide our residents with access to exclusive signature programming like PrimeFit Wellness. PrimeFit Wellness is a unique program that places senior health at the forefront of community life. From the gym and the dining room to community involvement and mental health, living well and well-being come to life at The Vero at Orange.

Through our dining program, residents enjoy varied menus featuring seasonal ingredients and varied ethnic cuisines. Our in-house chef has over 20 years of experience and, in that time, has served in several restaurants throughout Fairfield County. His expertise and commitment to serving delicious and nutritious meals are seen in our dining room, open from 7 am to 7 pm every day.

Contact The Vero at Orange today to schedule your tour today! We look forward to hosting you for a complimentary meal.


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