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Staging Your Home for a Move to The Vero at Orange

The Vero at Orange, opening in early 2023, is excited to offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care services in Orange, Connecticut. As you consider the end of the year and begin planning for 2023, now is the time to start prepping for a move to senior living. Take a closer look at how staging your home well can help you move to senior living and find the freedom and confidence you need for your next journey in life.

For many seniors, one of the largest obstacles to moving to senior living is selling their family home. One way to sell your home faster is through home staging. Unlike home decorating, which is more about personal style, staging makes your home appealing to the largest pool of buyers. Staging done well will enable potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home rather than see it as someone else’s home. Ultimately, staging creates a more emotional experience for the buyer, which may generate an offer, sometimes at a higher price.

8 Tips for Staging Your Home

1. Declutter your home.

Clutter can make your home feel smaller and distract potential buyers from your home’s best features. Take some time to put knickknacks, games, papers, seasonal clothes, and messy hobbies in storage. Clean out expired food and grandchildren’s toys. When it comes to showing your home, the more empty storage space you have, the better.

2. Depersonalize your home.

This is step is more challenging since your home is a large part of who you are. When you move into The Vero, you can decorate your home with your own personality but for now, allow potential buyers to envision their lives in your home. Remove family photos, keepsakes, and refrigerator art. Clean bathroom counters and put away laundry.

3. Think fresh.

Green houseplants, a freshly cleaned kitchen, and a clean trash can are musts for showing your home. Pets, grandchildren, last night’s dinner, and a damp bathroom can make your home smell. Don’t overwhelm buyers with air fresheners or candles since some people have sensitivities to strong fragrances.

4. Think clean.

A clean home will indicate that you have taken good care of your home. Make it your goal to clean every part of your home, from the floor to the ceiling. Your goal should be to make everything look new.

5. Define each room.

If rooms in your home serve more than one purpose (i.e., the office is also the gym), put things in storage so that each room has one purpose. Maximize the square footage of your home by ensuring that every living space has a purpose, including alcoves, window seats, and corners.

6. Put on a fresh coat of paint.

If you have the time, painting your entire home a neutral color can lighten the space and appeal to more buyers. Not everyone is going to love the same wallpaper or bright paint color, but a neutral color will help buyers envision how their own personality can take shape in the space.

7. Turn on the lights.

Open all curtains and blinds to maximize your home’s natural light. Turn on all lights for showings, even those in closets. This can help your home to be more inviting and saves potential buyers from having to look for light switches. Be sure to clean fixtures.

8. Consider your yard.

Don’t forget about your outdoor spaces! Curb appeal matters, and it is often the buyers’ first impression of your home. Mow your lawn, trim your hedges and other plants, and keep your weeds in check. If you have time, have the front of your home power-washed. This can help it to look freshly painted with less expense. Clear the sidewalk and porches of any clutter.

Finding Connection and Community at The Vero at Orange

We understand that moving to a senior living community is a big decision, and it’s one that can involve physical, emotional, and mental stress. Our goal is to face the challenges of aging head-on while focusing on the positives and delivering delight in every moment. At The Vero at Orange, you’ll find newfound freedom and the opportunity to rediscover (or reinvent) yourself through our robust activities calendar and a strong sense of community.

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