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Boutique Retirement Experience in West Portland

Markham House Boutique Retirement

Alissa Sauer

When you hear ‘senior living,’ do you think of colorful decor, lush and mature landscaping, fun excursions, and a true sense of community? What about educational opportunities, an abundance of clubs and activities, and celebrations of cultural diversity? If this is not what you think of when you think of senior living, you have not experienced Markham House.

Markham House is a boutique-style retirement community in Portland, offering a range of senior care services including independent living and assisted living, with focused care delivered from a genuine and caring staff. Markham House empowers residents to live the retirement of their dreams, embracing new hobbies and interests, while receiving the care services they want and need in an environment that feels like home.

Moving to Markham House does not mean sacrificing independence, privacy, or an active lifestyle. A move to Markham House can actually bring greater independence, allowing seniors to thrive in a safe and caring place with well-trained caregivers, a dedicated staff, and amenities that are always personalized to meet individual needs.

Small Community. Big Family.

Markham House may be a small community but it packs a big family feel. At Markham House, residents are known by name and the staff goes above and beyond to develop lasting relationships that encourage resident participation and fun.

“Markham House is a place that makes your heart feel warm and makes you feel like you are at home. You will find Markham Houses is a boutique, cozy, and family-oriented community that brings joy to visitors and residents alike. We all work as a family, and we welcome everyone that would like to be part of the Leisure Care family.” – Zohreh Jamshidi, General Manager

Offering an array of amenities, activities, and clubs, there is never a dull moment at Markham House. Always looking for a way to celebrate, Markham House plans fun and engaging programs for a range of holidays, including National Senior Citizen Day. Additionally, residents enjoy a monthly International Night where they celebrate cultural diversity, a travel club where they learn about different cities and countries around the globe, and even a gardening club that contributes fresh ingredients to the gourmet meals served in the community.

The dining program at Markham House is unmatched, featuring a varied menu with high quality, fresh ingredients. Offering a fresh-baked pastry of the day, homemade soup with lunch, and a varied choice of entrees, everything at Markham House is made from scratch – just like home. Residents rave about the dining experience and it is an important aspect of senior living that contributes to the strong sense of community and belonging at Markham House.

Personalized Care That Feels Like Home

The care services offered at Markham House are unmatched. Offering a range of senior care services that include independent living and assisted living, residents at Markham House can stay in their community home, even if needs should change over time.

Independent living at Markham House combines the relaxation residents desire with the adventure they crave. Residents take advantage of their prime location just southwest of downtown Portland and enjoy exploring all that the area has to offer, knowing their cooking, cleaning, yard work, and even meals are being handled by the kind and compassionate experts at Markham House.

Residents in Markham House’s assisted living program receive holistic assisted living services that encourage independence, respect privacy, and maintain dignity. Because the community is small and offers a boutique retirement experience, they know what their residents need and can be in tune with any necessary changes in care. You will not find any cookie-cutter plans at Markham House.

The staff at Markham House knows that each resident is unique and celebrates each resident’s life story. Just as every resident has a different story, different goals, and different dreams of the future, every assisted living care plan is different.  The experienced team at Markham House will conduct initial and ongoing assessments to ensure that the best assisted living services are offered at the right time in the right way, resulting in unique and holistic plans for each person.

Experience Markham House

Today’s senior living options are changing and Markham House is leading the way in offering person-centered senior living care. Designing a senior living experience that feels like family, Markham House offers independent living that enhances independence and assisted living, perfectly balancing the independence seniors want with assistance that enables and empowers their retirement lifestyle.

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Are you interested in learning more about Markham House? We would love for you to come see the Markham House difference for yourself! Join us on Saturday, November 2 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm for an open house in our community at 10606 Southwest Capitol Highway in Portland. RSVP to Markham House at 503-244-9500.

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