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At The Linden at Stonehaven Square, health and wellness are top priorities. Learn more about the importance of good nutrition in seniors and how The Linden at Stonehaven Square senior living goes above and beyond to ensure our residents are getting the nutrition they need to live better than ever.

The Importance of Good Nutrition for Seniors

Good nutrition is important at every age, but especially for older adults, because nutritional needs can change with age. Malnutrition affects seniors disproportionately. Due to undernutrition, deficiencies, or imbalances, many seniors experience a loss of appetite, fatigue, or a lack of overall wellness. Common deficiencies include a lack of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, folic acid, and calcium.

Age-related changes that affect nutrition include:

  • hearing loss that limits the ability to be social during a meal and limit food experiences
  • loss of smell can affect appetite and reduce satisfaction with food
  • a diminished sense of taste can make foods taste more bitter or sour, leading to less fruit and vegetable consumption
  • decreased energy expenditure can lead to lower calorie consumption
  • dentures can make some foods difficult to chew
  • transportation issues can make grocery shopping more difficult

However, making a concentrated effort on good nutrition for seniors can greatly impact their overall wellness. When a senior is eating well, they experience:

  • better organ function
  • increased brain function, to include memory and cognitive ability
  • increased management over chronic illness
  • stronger immune system
  • improved muscle and bone health that may prevent falls
  • increased mobility, strength, flexibility, and posture

On-site Dietician Services at The Linden at Stonehaven Square

The Linden at Stonehaven Square knows how important good nutrition is to senior health. That’s why we have a dietician visit the community quarterly. The visiting dietician reviews all residents’ charts to ensure that they maintain a healthy weight and get the right nutritional intake. Combining efforts with our PrimeFit gym and personal trainer, the residents at The Linden at Stonehaven Square receive premier health and wellness advice and services.

Here, person-centered and holistic care services are central to everything we do. Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living and memory care services with a whole lotta heart.


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