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“When All That’s Left is Love”: A Film Screening at Murano Senior Living

Murano Film Screening

Alissa Sauer

At Murano Senior Living, we believe in providing exceptional care and valuable resources for our residents and their families. That’s why we are thrilled to announce an upcoming event that showcases the power of storytelling and explores the complexities of dementia and caregiving. Join us on Saturday, September 16th, from 2-4 p.m. for a special screening of the award-winning documentary “When All That’s Left is Love” with the director.

“When All That’s Left is Love” is not just a film; it’s a deeply emotional exploration of one family’s journey through Alzheimer’s disease. Directed by Eric Gordon, a family member and a son who intimately understands the struggles and emotions involved, the film offers a unique perspective that will resonate with anyone navigating the complexities of their loved one’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Alzheimer’s disease can be an isolating and emotionally taxing experience, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. “When All That’s Left is Love” not only provides a window into the world of dementia caregiving but also offers a sense of community and understanding.

The film has been described as “the emotionally gripping story of a wife’s determination to care for her husband who has Alzheimer’s in their home.” This shift in language from “Alzheimer’s stricken husband” to “husband who has Alzheimer’s” is significant in the movement to eradicate the stigma surrounding dementia. This language emphasizes the person behind the disease, highlighting the humanity and dignity of those living with Alzheimer’s.

At Murano, we don’t shy away from the immense strain and challenges faced by families coping with Alzheimer’s – and neither does this film. It portrays the toll the disease takes on caregivers and their loved ones while also bringing to light the moments of light, humor, and connection that can emerge from these experiences. It’s a raw and honest portrayal of the highs and lows, offering viewers a chance to see their own journeys reflected on the screen.

“It is equally important to understand the disease as it is to understand the individual so that we have the best opportunity for people living with dementia to be known, express themselves, and be supported as things change over time. Often, people avoid or deny a dementia diagnosis because there is stigma, mystery, and fear surrounding it.” – Erin Staadecker, Memory Care Manager at Murano Senior Living

This remarkable film has already made waves in the film festival circuit, having been screened at 113 festivals and earning over 70 awards. Eric Gordon himself has received a nomination for Best Documentary at the Septimius Award in Amsterdam.

Join us for this powerful screening event, meet Eric Gordon, and explore memory care at Murano Senior Living. We are your partners in dementia care, providing holistic and compassionate memory care services in the heart of Seattle. When emotions run high, and family dynamics run deep, we are here to help relieve the stress and share the weight of the diagnosis, walking on this memory care journey with you.


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